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What is the meaning of the name Dewey?


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July 13, 2009 10:30PM

Dew⋅ey /ˈdui, ˈdyui/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [doo-ee, dyoo-ee] Show IPA Use dewey in a Sentence

-noun 1. George, 1837-1917, U.S. admiral: defeated Spanish fleet in Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. 2. John, 1859-1952, U.S. philosopher and educator. 3. Mel⋅vil  /ˈmɛlvɪl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [mel-vil] Show IPA , (Melville Louis Kossuth Dewey), 1851-1931, U.S. educator, administrator, and innovator in the field of library science. 4. Thomas E(dmund), 1902-71, U.S. lawyer and political leader. 5. a male given name, form of David.