What is the meaning of the name vrushali in Tamil?

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Sorry, It is NOT a Tamil word.
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What was Tamil nadu named earlier?

Answer . Hi,. Tamil nadu was called as Madras Presidency / Chennai Rajdhani during British Rule. During this time, Part of Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala were under Madras Presidency.. hope this helps

What is meaning of the name vrushali?

Vrushali is the name of Karnas' wife from the epic of Mahabharat. There is no literature explaining the actual meaning of the word/name "Vrushali"

What is the meaning of vrushali?

vrushali doesnt mean anything actual pronunciation is VRISHALI and its meaning is 'collection of Virtue.

What is the Tamil name of trapa bispinosa?

Tamil name for Trapa bispinosa is "Cimkhara" or "Singhara." Sorry I don't have the necessary Tamil fonts. Please see also T. natans (Linn.)

What is the meaning of muvendar in Tamil?

Muvendar is a Tamil term which means the chiefs of three southern ancient kingdoms namely the cholas , the Cheras and the Pandyas..cheers !! RJV PRTP

Meaning of Tamil word vigruthi which is a name of the Tamil year?

"Vikruthi" is not at all... Tamil word. It's Sanskrit word! All the names which are called as Tamil years' names are imposed by Aryan people who have come from Northern India. The actual Tamil names of those years have been destroyed by them.

What is meaning of miser in Tamil?

Miser - A person who is stingy and does not spend money. In Tamil a person who is a miser is called a "Kanjan" or "Kanjoos"

Who is Vrushali Chavan?

Vruashli was a contestant on season one of DANCE INDIA DANCE. She then went on to choreograph the little masters' edition of the same show! (Different Season Though).

What is the meaning of allspice in Tamil language?

The English name "Allspice" was given because the spice is said to have the aroma of several spices including cloves, pepper and even cinnamon and nutmeg. . we use this as biriyani ilai, Parinji Ilai in Tamil used in briyani meals. Allspice has also been used as a deodrant . Volatile oils f ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of mutual fund in Tamil?

Tamil is one of the most popular Indian Language and if some one need to know about the Mutual fund in Tamil language they may type 'Mutual fund in Tamil' in Google to get the details about Mutual fund in Tamil language.

What is the meaning of flour in Tamil?

In Tamil "FLOUR" means "MAAVU". Wheat Flour --> Gothumai Maavu Rice Flour --> Arisi Maavu Basen --> Kadalai Maavu Corn Flour --> Solam maavu

What is the meaning of the Tamil name Senthil?

Root word of senthil is senthu or sen meaning red in tamil. Lord Muruga was called by name "Sevvel" during sangam period. Later this word got changed into Senthil.

Pilla in Telugu means in Tamil?

Pilla in Telugu means "Young one" like kid, cub, calf etc. For kid in Tamil, pronounce it as "Kuzhandhai"

What is the name of tulips in Tamil language?

Tulip there are different types of tulip,generally called alli in tamil tulip - அல்லி மலர் indian tulip - பூவரசம்பூ

What is the Tamil name for avocado fruit?

In Tamil, Avocado is vennai pazham. Tamil is the language spoken predominately by Tamilpeople of South India and North-east Sri Lanka. It is also theofficial language of the Indian state Tamil Nadi, Puducherry andAndaman and Nicobar Islands. It is an official language ofSingapore. Many other cou ( Full Answer )

What is the Tamil name for sapphire?

ruby is English no Tamil. what kind of tamilan you are? the correct name fro sapphire in Tamil is நீலம்

What is the meaning of agar in Tamil?

There is no other meaning to "Agra" in Tamil. "Agar" is not ofIndian descent. It is pronounced the same as everywhere else sinceit refers to the gelatinous substance used in food.

Another name for elephant in Tamil?

Tumbi=த�ம�பி, Karini = �ரிணி,Tol=த�ல�, Sundali=��ண��஠( Full Answer )

Why Tamil Nadu was named as Tamil Nadu?

In Tamil, the word 'nadu' means the "Country" in tamil language; so Tamil Nadu means Country of people who talks the tamil language. Tamil Country where tamil people and tamil language lives.

What does manjah mean in Tamil?

Manjah is the glass mixture smeared in Kite's thread to cut other kite's thread if there's a competition.

What is the meaning of name bhupathi in Tamil?

Bhupathi is a Sanskrit word. The meaning of 'Bhu' is the mother earth or 'Bhumatha' or 'Bhudevi'. Sridevi (Lakshmi) and Bhudevi are the two consorts Maha Vishnu. 'Pathi' has two meanings. One is 'husband' and the other is 'Possessor. Therefore Bhupathi has two meanings. One is 'Maha Vishnu' and othe ( Full Answer )

What Tamil name for Hazelnut Tamil meaning?

Vātumai koṭṭai vakai / Āṭu [ வாதுமை கொட்டை வகை/ ஆடு ] is the Tamil translations for Hazelnut.

What is the Tamil name of horseradish?

Mullangi correction........... horseradish is not mullangi> - mullangi is radish horseradish - Moringa oleifera - drumstick in Hindi murunga and in tamil murungai

What is the meaning of Tamil name Sri yadav?

It is not a tamil name. anyway the meaning is........... sri means holy,.Mr. Thiru,Lakshmi (Sridevi), Srirangam-Thiru arangam, Yadav comes from yadu means Krishna, ancient city also called Yadava and these people worshiped Krishna,ancient cast also called yadav,and common meaning is rich

What is the Tamil name of Maca roots?

Maca is a Peruvian Herb native to South America. There is no name of this particular herb [tuber root] in India. The Organic Powder of Maca Root is available in India. The Herb is considered God's Herb as it can cure many types of ailments and disorders in humans.

How are you means in Tamil?

there are many ways to say it. Eppadi sugam? - are you well? Eppadi irukira? / Eppudi Irukiringa(l) (informal/formal) how areyou? Sugama? - feeling good? நலமா? - Nalamaa?

What is the Tamil name of Garnet stone?

There is no direct word for Garnet in Tamil but, there is a namefor 'cross garnet' and it is குறுக்குப் பிணைச்சல்.

What is the name of aloevera in Tamil?

Common name: Aloe vera, Medicinal aloe, Burn plant • Tamil: கற்றாழையில் SotruKatrazhai • Tamil: கற்றாழை Katrazhai • Tamil: கதலை Kathalai • Hindi: Gheekumari ठ( Full Answer )

What does Tamil means?

Tamil means language in the oldest dravidian language in sangam period. currently there is a south indian language which is formed with same name from the same old dravidian language. but the word tamil only means "language" or "lingua" or "bhasha" or "bahasa" and it has four derivatives which are k ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of nivas in Tamil?

Nivas is generally a name given to new houses as a suffix.. like Mahe nivas, Vaishanavi nivas & so on., Nivas -> Dwelling place(Considered auspicious too in hindu names)

What is the other name of parot in Tamil?

The translation of parrot from the English language to Tamil is "????". Another name for parrot in Tamil would be "????". If translated in English, this would be a polly.

What is the other name of pity in Tamil?

There are two words that can be used to express "pity" in Tamil. The first is "_______," which is phonetically written as "Irakkam," and pronounced "ee-rok-kam." The second is "____," which is phonetically written as "Tayavu," and is pronounced "Tie-a-voo."

What is the other name of forestin Tamil?

Tamil Nadu is the name of a state located in India. There are several forests located there with different names. They include Velli Malai, Amerthi Forest and Muthapettai Mangrove Forest.