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As a whole, the word "Lufthansa" is made up of two words: 'Lupth' and 'Hansa' which are two Sansrkit words meaning disappearing swan or a crane (bird).

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Q: What is the meaning of the word Lufthansa?
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Hindi meaning of Lufthansa?

Lufthansa: if we take the complete word then it has no meaning in Hindi language. But when we break it Luft + Hansa then Luft has no meaning in Hindi language But Hansa MEANS Swan (a water bird)

When was Lufthansa created?

Lufthansa was created in 1953.

What planes are made by Lufthansa?

Lufthansa is a German based airline, it is not an airplane manufacturer. Lufthansa flies planes made by Boeing and sometimes Airbus. Lufthansa is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

Where is Lufthansa offices in lagos Nigeria?

Where is lufthansa office in lagos, nigeria

Is lufthansa an airline or a country?

Lufthansa is the offical airline of Germany.

Which country airlines is lufthansa?

Lufthansa is the national airline of Germany.

When did Lufthansa Italia end?

Lufthansa Italia ended in 2011.

When was Lufthansa Italia created?

Lufthansa Italia was created in 2008.

When was Lufthansa CityLine created?

Lufthansa CityLine was created in 1958.

When was Lufthansa Cargo created?

Lufthansa Cargo was created in 1994.

When did Team Lufthansa end?

Team Lufthansa ended in 2004.

When was Team Lufthansa created?

Team Lufthansa was created in 1996.

Who is the head of Lufthansa?

The head of Lufthansa is Juergen Weber, in the position of Chairman.

Lufthansa is the official airline of which country?

Lufthansa is the official airline of Germany.

Official country for Lufthansa?

Lufthansa is an official flag carrier of Germany.

Who is the CEO of Lufthansa Airlines?

Wolfgang Mayrhuber is the CEO of Lufthansa Airlines.

Full form of lufthansa?

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

LH 493 Dutch Lufthansa flight?

LH is Lufthansa from Germany

What country is lufthansa the national airline in?

Lufthansa is the national airline of Germany.

Does lufthansa have Airbus a380?

Lufthansa has 15 Airbus 380 on order.

What bird is on the Lufthansa logo?

The Lufthansa logo is an encircled crane in flight

What bird is on lufthansa logo?

The Lufthansa logo is an encircled crane in flight

What exactly would lufthansa be?

Lufthansa is an airline that flies direct flights throughout Europe. Lufthansa is also the parent company of JetBlue, which it purchased in the year 2007.

CEO of lufthansa airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines was founded in 1953 and is the largest airline in Europe. The current CEO of Lufthansa Airline as of July 2014, is Carsten Spohr.

What is Germany's airline called?

lufthansaGermany's National Airline is Lufthansa