What is the meaning of y cuentame de tu vida?

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it means i wanna know more about you in a less direct way.
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What does y tu mean in spanish?

"y tu" (without an accent on the 'u') = 'and your....' "y tú" (With an accent on the 'u') = 'and you'

What does Conoce bien cada guerra de la vida y del amor tambien mean?

Hard to translate this into English without losing its original meaning or sense, but It basically means that you should "know" every "battle in life" and every "battle of love" really well, it's quoted from a song and it makes a lot more sense in Spanish and in its original context: conoce bien ( Full Answer )

What is name of this Spanish song A veces no entiendo nada cuando la vida me habla de amor Tristeza melancola alegra y dolor No creo poder entender lo que tu dices que sientes por mi la vida te?

The name of this song is " Bye Bye ", performed by " la-33 ", a great salsa band from Colombia (http://www.la-33.com). Born in 2001, la-33 used to rehearse at a place located at the 33rd street (" la calle 33 ") in Teusaquillo, Bogota (hence its name). . You can watch the song video at: h ( Full Answer )

What does ''y tu'' mean?

It is a spanish saying. It means "and you" It is usually used as a question like: (como te llamas?) Muy bien, y tu?

Mi vida eves tu?

Do you mean "Mi vida eres tú" ?... because "eves" doesn't mean anything!!! Mi vida eres tú = My life is you

What dos amor de vida mean?

"amor de mi vida" means love (amor) of my (de mi) life (vida) so it translates to Love of my life.

What does y tu brute mean?

It means , "And you, Brute?'' in Spanish. Though, Spanish and Latin are bout the same.(In latin it is "E tu, Brute").

What does combien de stylos as-tu mean?

Combien de stylos as-tu means 'how many pens do you have'. Note. strictly speaking un stylo is a ball-point pen; however fountain pens are so rare these days that stylo is used to distinguish a pen from a pencil. A pencil is still called 'un crayon'. ps The french have a perfect right to call a bal ( Full Answer )

What does a ver cuentame k esta pasando mean in english?

(Closest translation) Well, tell me what's going on! Literally = to see. Tell me the story. What is going on (happening). In this case K = abbreviation for Qué (What) Generally this statement is intended to catch up on events of a friend or family member, not as an interrogation for wron ( Full Answer )

What does Tu y tu means?

As written, "tu y tu" means "your and yours". "Tú y tu" means "you and yours". "Tú y tú" means "you and you." The accents in Spanish are very important if you want to get your point across in writing.

What does joder tu vida means?

Joder is a swear word meaning basically to screw something up. So joder tu vida means: to mess your life up.

What does haii que vivir cada secundo de tu vida con una sonrisa mean?

" Hay que* vivir cada segundo de tu vida con una sonrisa" [corrected spelling] translates as " it is necessary* to live every second of your life with a smile." * Hay que + infinitive is used to express the idea of "one must do something" or, "it is necessary to do something." It is a more g ( Full Answer )

What does linda de mi vida mean?

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What actors and actresses appeared in El humor de tu vida - 2004?

The cast of El humor de tu vida - 2004 includes: Eugenio as himself Javier Cansado Fernando Conde Chiquito de la Calzada as himself Fernando Esteso as himself Carlos Faemino Miguel Gila as himself Tony Leblanc Soledad Olayo as Herself - Hostess Gracia Olayo as Herself - Hostess Mariano Ozores as him ( Full Answer )

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The cast of El amor de tu vida S.A. - 1996 includes: Carmen Beato as Carito Alejandra Bogue Pilar Boliver as Araceli Alejandro Gamboa as Jefe de Eugenia Jaime Garza as Marcelo Victor Hugo Martin as Mesero chismoso Arleta Jeziorska as Dalia Cynthia Klithbo as Eugenia Barbara Livenshuts as Pilar Guerr ( Full Answer )

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