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What is the minimum number of months a person should expect to rent out a room?

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Sometimes you can rent by the month and some renters like leases (1 year lease) to be sure rent money is assured for that year. ONE

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1 person is the minimum population.

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the average number of years a person can expect to live

The number of years that a person can expect to live is called?

Life Span or Life Expectancy

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case of one person campany mininmum number is

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be a good person for others, never expect much from others,but never hurt those who expect from you...... in this way you can be a good person

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It's called Life-expectancy in some countries. "years" not "yours".

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No minimum...from first $. There is a maximum per person.

What do you expect from your co workers?

A person can expect many things from their co-workers. They can expect communication, respect, cooperation, loyalty, friendship and dedication.

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One person who is alone is able to make a Seder. There is no minimum number of people, although it would be nicer is you had other people at the Seder celebrating with you.

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baseline minimum is 30.

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I expect a friend to be both honest and a loyal person.

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It depends on the country. Try Google "minimum employment age yourcountry" I would expect at 14 you can work but may be entitled to more breaks and not work as long as an older person.

What Is The Minimum Number Of Owners For Any Corporation Or LLC?

For the LLC and corporation, the minimum number of owners is one person. Exactly the same person can own the company, run the company and become named because the sole officer, director, or manager from the business. Don't let a lawyer let you know that she or he should be named in one of these simple roles.

What is the minimum office space per person?

The minimum office space per person depends on company policy, and in some countries, the regulations of the country you are working in.

What is the minimum jogging speed for men per hour?

The minimum will very from person to person but the minimum should be just a bit faster than you can walk. Time yourself to get the right mph. Good luck and happy running!

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The number of guitars a single person should have depends on the person and his or her job and interests. A professional musician playing acoustical guitar must have a minimum of two just like a professional violinist always has a minimum of two violins. Beyond that it depends on other reasons. Is this person a rich collector? Does this person play in different types of bands requiring different types of guitars? It depends on the reasons.