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What is the minimum rotor thickness for 2002 dodge Dakota front?


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Minimum thickness is .8898 in.

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The minimum thickness for rotors on a Dodge truck is between 0.5 and 1 inch. It varies greatly based on the model and whether it is the front or rear brakes.

It is important to have all the parts in a car in the best condition. The minimum front brake rotor thickness for this car is 21.4 millimeters or 0.843 inches.

Minimum disc thickness vented front 24.6mm .Minimum disc thickness rear 16.6mm. min pad thickness front & rear 1mm

The minimum front brake rotor thickness is three aids of an inch. When the rotor does not have the minimum thickness the auto mechanic replacing the brakes can not use the rotor.

howdo you change the front axel of a dodge Dakota 2000 4x4

The minimum thickness number should be cast into the rotor.

NAPA says .748 is throw away thickness for a 2005 2500 15" wheel front rotor with Bosch caliper.

The minimum wear or discard thickness is cast into either the front or backside of the rotor

Front Rotor Minimum Thickness after machining the rotor is .996

The minimum brake rotor thickness for the front and back rotors on a 1992 Honda Accord is 21mm. Rotors which are below this thickness will not offer adequate or reliable braking.

The minimum thickness on the front rotors for a 1994 Mustang Cobra?æis .97 inches. The minimum thickness on the rear rotors is .50 inches.?æ

The minimum thickness for the front rotors on a 2003 Subaru Baja is 22mm. This is measured by using a caliper across the narrowest point of the rotor.

Untill it reaches the minimum thickness indicated on the rotor. It depends on how much is taken off each time

What is the minimum rotor thickness of the front and rear brake rotors on an '03 VW Jetta TDI?

they are in front and after your cat

22mm is the minimum rotor thinckness for the front and 12mm for the rear's

The minimum thickness is cast into the rotor, either on the edge of the rotor or into the rotor hub.

The minimum disc brake rotor thickness specifications for the 2006 Lexus GS are:Front: 27mmRear: 16.5mm

The Manufacturer specification lists the front rotors as 1.020" new, & 0.969" minimum (discard). A refinish minimum is 0.983"

On the front of the throttle body.

The Dodge Dakota pickup truck has CV joints on both front wheels. The pickup truck also has a driveshaft, as it is rear wheel drive.

The 2010 Dodge Dakota does come with standard airbags for both front and backseat passengers. I was unable to find specific information for other years.

Minimum thickness is stamped into the rotor. Use a wire brush to remove the rust buildup and you'll see the spec.

The minimum disc brake rotor thickness specifications for the 2006 Lexus GS are:Front: 27mmRear: 16.5mm

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