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What is the model and value of a single shot Winchester rifle with an octagonal barrel?


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This rifle was originally marketed as "The Winchester Singleshot", but is now usually designated the Model 1885. Yours was manufactured in 1892. Value will depend on it's exact configuration and condition, but the most common types in "average" condition will bring $1200-$1500.

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In this model of Winchester rifle,there is no difference in value between the round or octagon barrel.

The value of a Winchester model 1882 .32WCF octagonal barrel rifle is dependent upon a number of factors. The most important factor being the upkeep and condition.

The Winchester model 94 classic series were produced from 1967-1970.All rifles had either a 20in,or 26in octagon barrel.

Please include the model number to get the correct answer to your question.

It is a slide action rifle with an octagonal barrel made from 1890 to 1932. If it is marked as Model 90, not Model 1890, it was made after about 1915.

What model Winchester is it? Sounds like it's a lever gun, 1892? 1894? rifle? carbine? Can't answer your question wihtout the info.

Your Winchester Model 1890 serial number 667775 was manufactured in August of the year 1920. Bert H.

If your Winchester is unfired and still have the original box,it is worth 595.00 dollars.

Your Winchester model 1911SL(self Loading)shotgun was first made in the year 1911.

What is the model number of your Winchester 22?I will need this to give a value based on production date,and overall condition(blueing and wood).

AFAIK, there is no Winchester Model 90A. Is it a lever action, slide action, bot action, semi-auto or single shot? What caliber? What type and length of barrel?

What is the thread size for a Winchester Model 90?

I need to clean the barrel, not like a model 12.

The model number should be stamped into the barrel near the Winchester name. It will say "model" or "model of"

These Winchester single barrel shotguns are selling for between 75-150 dollars.

a common price range value of 150.00 to 225.00

The only barrels that will fit the Winchester model 120 are all model 1300 winchester barrels,and most model1200 Winchester barrels.So the answer to your question is No.

Winchester Model 67 is a single shot, bolt action, .22 caliber rifle. It was produced and sold between 1934 to 1963. It has a weight of 5 lbs, barrel length 27 inches.

You'll need to repost the question and include the model number as well as the serial.Winchester rifles serial numbers are only unique to a particular model, a '09 can have the same serial number as a '61 or a '94 etc.

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