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This value is 0,0164 M.

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How many moles of NaCl are present in 300ml of 0.15m solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 300 ml = 0.300 Liters ) For our purposes, Moles of solute = Liters of solution * Molarity Moles NaCl = 0.300 Liters * 0.15 M = 0.05 moles NaCl =============

What is the molarity of a solution dissolve 0.31 grams of HNO3 in 300ml of water?

Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( get moles of HNO3 and 300 ml = 0.300 Liters ) 0.31 grams Nitric acid (1 mole HNO3/63.018 grams) = 0.004919 moles HNO3 Molarity = 0.004919 moles HNO3/0.300 Liters = 0.0164 M HNO3

What does 300ml in ounces?

300mL is 10.14 fluid ounces.

What is the volume of water that must be added to 300ml of 0.75ml HCL to dilute the solution to 0.25ml?

This question has no meaning as written. One cannot dilute .75 milliliters (mL) to make a smaller volume of 0.25 milliliters. I suspect that the question should read "What is the volume of water that must be added to 300 mL of .75 M HCl to dilute the solution to 0.25 M?" This is a sensible question. M refers to molarity, or moles per liter. To solve this problem and others like it, use the equation M1V1 = M2V2. M1 = the molarity of the initial/more concentrated solution V1 = the volume of the initial/more concentrated solution M2 = molarity of the second/more dilute solution V2 = volume of the initial/more dilute solution Plug in the known values, rearrange and solve algebraically. For the problem above, this is (M1V1/M2 = V2, or (.75 M)(300 mL)/(.25M) = 224.75 mL needed.

What does 300ml equal?

300ml (milliliters or cc) is 10.14 fluid ounces.

.8 L plus 300mL?

8L + 300ML = 8300ML or 8.3L

What is 300ml as CL?

300mL is 30cL* There are 10mL per cL and 0.1cL per mL

If you have a 300ml of a 15 percent hydrochloric acid solution in dilute the solution to 1000ml with sterile water what percent should appear on the label?

The concentration of the diluted solution will be 15(300/1000) = 4.5 %, if the percent is expressed on a weight/volume basis.

What quantity of water should be added to 3 liters of 10 percent solution of sugar so that it becomes a 5 percent sugar solution?

If 3 litres has 10% solution of sugar, the sugar comprises 300ml (i.e. a tenth of 3000). If we want 300ml to be 5% then we need a total of 100/5 * 300 = 6,000ml (6 litres). So we need to add 3 more litres of water. In other words, to halve the percentage of sugar we need to double the total solution from 3 litres to 6 litres.

300mL equals how many L?

300mL is .3 L 1L = 1000 mL 300/1000 = .3

What is the capacity of a soup bowl 2l or 300ml?

300 ml is close , but a bit on the small side.

Put these in order 45cl 1.25l 300ml 0.35l 150cl and 750ml?

1.25l, 150cl, 45cl, 750ml, 300ml, 0.35l

What percent is 75 mL of 300mL?

25%% rate:= 75/300 * 100%= 0.25 * 100%= 25%

How many cups is 300ml?

That is 1.323 cups

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