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The most common ways to acquire a virus is by not having anti-virus software and opening attachments in email from untrusted senders, downloading from untrusted sites, and you can even pick up a virus from going to websites and clicking links. Avoid downloading music that you cannot preview, same with videos. Normally a virus will attack your system more violently if you downloaded a file and install or open it.

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They are most commonly hidden as seemingly safe links in emails.

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email is the most commonm way :)

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Q: What is the most common way for a virus to spread?
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What is the most common way to be affected by a virus?

you suck lol

What is the most common way to get a harmful virus?

droplet infection

What is the most common way to get a virus?

1. E-mail attachment. 2. Lack of firewall on an insecure network. 3. Malicious Web pages. 4. Co-installed with other legitimate but contaminated software. 5. Sometimes products like digital picture frames, MP3 players, flash drives, etc., are pre-infected at point of manufacture.

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A computer virus is a sort of program. They get their name because they spread in a way that appars to be simlar to the way viruses spread. Like a biological virus, a computer virus co-ops the normal functions of a computer service. They also spread appearing like a parasite .

What is the most common way to be affected by a computer virus?

through e-mail amd opening files on it

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What is a common way for a virus to get into your computer?

in the post :D

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