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The question is better defined as "What the most energy efficient portable heater?" Because one would assume that you will want to be able to take the heater with you when or if you move.

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Q: What is the most energy efficient heater a renter can use in a rented house?
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Who is responsible for health and safety in rented offices?

The renter is responsible for health and safety in a rented office as far as the renter's activities and equipment impinge on health and safety of occupants and neighbors. The landlord is responsible for health and safety as far as the physical arrangements of the rented space may impact health and safety of the occupants.

Which people need to buy renter's insurance?

Amy, who uses a rented car

Can a tenant insured rented property?

Usually your renter's policy covers whatever you bring into the property that does not become a permanent part of the property. Your renter's policy cannot cover property that belongs to the landlord.

Can a renter be sued for quitting a contract if the owner sells his home?

The house was probably sold as a rented unit which has more value to the buyer. He doesn't have to find a renter. If you were not notified that you were to move or if your contract was not changed by the new owner, then you broke the contract and can probably be sued.

What is the average cost for USAA Renters Insurance?

USAA Renter's Insurance covers all of a person's possessions in a rented apartment, house, or condo. USAA renter's insurance rates start as low as $12 a month for $2,500 in personal property coverage.

What are the benefits of using the online service of the Renter's Insurance?

Renter's Insurance is best suited to the residents of rented property.There are affordable options available from the trusted insurers for Tenants in the event of theft, fire, storm, earth quake or flood. Its easy and simple to apply online.

What are the problems the primary renter may face if the rental car rented by him is driven alone by an additional driver who has only a learners permit?

Lawsuit if driver has an accident.

How cheap are Enterprise car sales?

One would need to inquire with Enterprise Car Rental to determine a price, as the price is determined by several different factors, such as the vehicle being rented, the amount of time the vehicle is being rented for, and the mileage that to renter will be driving.

Can a landlord restrict who lives with a renter?

No, at least not in Canada. According to the Tenant Protection Act, once the area has been rented the ongoings of that area can no longer be controled by the landlord.

You pray to Saint Joseph to sell a home so who do we pray to to get an apartment rented?

Saint Joseph would be more than happy to intercede on your behalf to obtain a renter.

When I rent a house, do I have the same tenant protections as if I rented an apartment?

As long as you sign a lease you are protected as a tennant. There will be some differences in your resposibilites as a house renter versus apartments.

Is property insurance required on a rented house in Arkansas?

The owner of the property is required to have property insurance if the property is mortgaged or used as collateral in other transactions. This insurance covers the structure, its replacement, accidents or damage that occur on or as a result of the property and so forth. It does not cover the contents of the home that belongs to the renter. The occupant is responsible for renter's insurance, which, depending on the nature of the policy, covers different things. There is no requirement that a renter have renter's insurance. You should, however, make sure the property owner has coverage.

Can you use the buyers remorse law when renting an apartment in Utah?

The buyer's remorse law only applies to unsolicited sales. If the renter came to your front door or called you on the phone, rented you the apartment, that you had no intention of renting otherwise, and had never contacted the renter on your own, you might be able to use the law. Otherwise the answer is NO.

Where can one find more information on contents insurance for rented properties?

Renter's assets insurance information can be found on the Internet or by visiting a local real estate office to inquire about rental insurance. Other alternatives to find information on renter's insurance includes contacting rental agencies using: local phone books, classified ads, etc.

Rental of a apartment confirm ownership of deed of house?

When an apartment is rented, the renter must usually show proof of income and credit. When someone wants to rent an apartment or house, they must first show that they own the property.

If a water heater breaks in an apartment is the renter responsible for damage caused to the apartment floors or ceiling of the apartment below?

Speculatively speaking, it is likely that the following is true: If the water heater is provided by the LL then the landlrod is responsible for damages. If the water heater is owned by the tenant then the tenant is responsible for damages.

Does renters insurance cover damage to others property?

No. "Renters Insurance" is property coverge for a tenant. It will cover the property of the named insured Tenant or Renter that is located within the rented dwelling. It will not cover property of someone who is not a named insured on the policy.

Do you pay tax on rented property when you are retired?

Real estate taxes are charged to the owner of real estate not the renter. Indirectly the renter is paying for a portion of the real estate tax in the rental rate being charged by the owner. If your question concerns the renting of property that you own as a retired person, contact the local assessor in your city or county, as the tax laws vary by state within the United States.

Is the landlord responsible for the renter's personal properties that were damaged because of the leaking roof of the garage being rented by the renter?

The answer is basically no. The landlord is never responsible for damages to personal property belonging to tenants in any dwelling or structure. That is why you are strongly encouraged to get renters insurance. In some cases you may have some recourse if the landlord knew of the problem. But if you get renters insurance be insurance company can determine that for you and they can seek damages from the landlord.

What kind of insurance provides replacement value for personal possessions?

Brand new items to replace the items lost (APE*)

How does damage to premises rented to you work if you are the owner of the premises or property.?

It doesn't, The owner buys property insurance to protect himself from financial loss in the event the property is damaged by any number of natural or unnatural hazards. A renter buys renters or tenants liability insurance. It can cover damages to the owners property for which the renter is liable. It is not possible under the law to be liable to ones self.

Can a room be rented in a house that is being foreclosed on?

Yes. The home still belongs to the owner until the foreclosure goes through and it is sold to someone else at a foreclosure sale. Of course the renter takes a risk on what might happen if a new owner takes over.

What does Unauthorized modification of dwelling mean?

Dwelling is where someone lives, as a tenant, a renter. Unauthorized means that the tenant has changed the rented item, the house/apartment in a way that the landlord didn't want. Maybe taken down or put up an inner wall, thrown out the bathtub or something.

What is a Waiver of Security Deposit?

Generally speaking, a waiver of security deposit means that the management of the property being rented (apartment, etc.) has agreed to allow a renter to skip putting up a normally required deposit for the property. Sometimes management is willing to do this for a prospective tenant.

If you are renting an apartment and the water heater suddenly starts leaking will the landlord's home insurance cover damage to books and comic books?

noAnswerNo, the landlord's insurance will only cover the contents of the landlord and not the renter. The renter should have their own insurance policy, called a tenants policy or HO-4