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Can a renter be sued for quitting a contract if the owner sells his home?

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The house was probably sold as a rented unit which has more value to the buyer. He doesn't have to find a renter. If you were not notified that you were to move or if your contract was not changed by the new owner, then you broke the contract and can probably be sued.

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If the proposed purchaser has an enforceable contract they can file a lawsuit to enforce the contract.If the proposed purchaser has an enforceable contract they can file a lawsuit to enforce the contract.If the proposed purchaser has an enforceable contract they can file a lawsuit to enforce the contract.If the proposed purchaser has an enforceable contract they can file a lawsuit to enforce the contract.

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What is a Nondisturbance Clause in a commercial lease?

The nondisturbance clause, when properly worded, ensures that the rental agreement between the tenant and the landlord will continue under any circumstances, including mortgage default or the sale of the property. This is done primarily to protect the renter from eviction by the mortgagor if the property is foreclosed upon. A nondisturbance clause ensures that a tenant will not be evicted in the event that the landlord goes bankrupt or sells to a new owner.

Can you open a theft case when someone rents your car but doesn't pay you the monthly installment?

Technically where I live:If any money was received this is a civil matter and it will require lawsuit and repossession of the carIf no money was received at all you could file for fraud, but the police will probably refuse and tell you it is a civil matter.If the renter sells the car and does not own it that is fraud and theft, even if you have no paper work to prove why the defaulter had the car.Added: Short answer: Going only on the facts stated in the question, NO. This is a civil case involving contract law, not a criminal matter.UNLESS you can prove that the rental was done with the intent to permanently deprive you of it (e.g.: the renter sells the car to someone else), but you would have to know that before the police would take a stolen auto report.

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If your estranged husband sells his business do you have a claim on its value?

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If a common law partner buys out the other then sells who is responsible for the real estate fees on selling?

The current owner of the property.

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The contract called for interest as long as you had the car. IF they get a judgment for the balance owed on the contract, it will call for interest until it is paid. READ your paperwork.

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