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  • The most expensive mobile phone in the world - costing more than 500,000 dollars - is being made in Austria. The phone, designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson, has sections of pure gold as well as 2,950 blue diamonds embedded into the cover. Aloisson has for the past few years been taking existing phones and customizing them with jewels and precious metals. "I knew that mobile phones would become part of daily life, and as with all things that are part of daily life, such as watches or tie pins, there should be luxury versions of them," he told CNN. Aloisson currently produces about three phones per year, depending on orders from his celebrity and wealthy clients, mostly retailing for about 20,000 dollars.The new phone is a special order for a German manufacturer. "It will feature solid gold parts with an exterior covered with 2,950 natural blue diamonds, some of the rarest jewels on Earth," he said. Although the phone is being constructed for marketing purposes, it will eventually be sold off.

well i don't know if that's true above or not, but ive just found the iPhone king- 2.5 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't think they could make anything more .... i don't think anyone is gonna b buying that... :)

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Q: What is the most expensive mobile phone available today?
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