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What is the most expensive mobile phone available today?

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  • The most expensive mobile phone in the world - costing more than 500,000 dollars - is being made in Austria. The phone, designed by luxury accessories maker Peter Aloisson, has sections of pure gold as well as 2,950 blue diamonds embedded into the cover. Aloisson has for the past few years been taking existing phones and customizing them with jewels and precious metals. "I knew that mobile phones would become part of daily life, and as with all things that are part of daily life, such as watches or tie pins, there should be luxury versions of them," he told CNN. Aloisson currently produces about three phones per year, depending on orders from his celebrity and wealthy clients, mostly retailing for about 20,000 dollars.The new phone is a special order for a German manufacturer. "It will feature solid gold parts with an exterior covered with 2,950 natural blue diamonds, some of the rarest jewels on Earth," he said. Although the phone is being constructed for marketing purposes, it will eventually be sold off.

well i don't know if that's true above or not, but ive just found the iPhone king- 2.5 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't think they could make anything more .... i don't think anyone is gonna b buying that... :)

2011-09-14 11:12:57
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Most mobile phone models available today are capable of taking photos, numbering in the thousands, from nearly every major manufacturer. If a particular phone is capable of taking photos, a tiny camera lens is usually visible on the front or back.

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MARTIN COOPER was first who discovered the cell phone which we know today.

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What were some methods of communication we have today that weren't available to the colonists?

cell phone, home phone, texting, sign language,

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What is anorchism?

An object that is there today may not been seen in the past for example a mobile phone would not been seen in Ancient Greece but is presant today

Which mobile operating system today has the largest share in global smart phone market?

In is "Android OS"

Whats the best unlocked mobile phone today?

Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. Unlocked cell phones are sold by everyone. To find the best go to a tech review site and look for those phones that have the features you want.

How did people manage without a mobile and why it is better?

Phone booths used to be common in public areas, much more so than today. One big advantage of a mobile phone is that you can call for help if you are stranded with car trouble. You don't need to go looking for a phone.

are mp3 mobile phones available in the uk ?

Yes, mobile phones with mp3 capabilities are available in the UK. Some well trusted companies are Samsung, Nokia and Nexus. Almost all smartphones today have mp3 players built in.

The Benefits of a New Virgin Mobile Cell?

Virgin Mobile is starting to really define themselves as the leaders in the global "prepaid" phone marketplace. They now offer some of the most advanced technologies available on the market for extremely attainable prices. Not only is a Virgin Mobile cell affordable and cutting edge, but the plans that are offered for that Virgin Mobile cell are simply amazing. The truth is that Virgin Mobile offers the most comprehensive and cost effective data plans on the prepaid market today. If you are getting a phone for internet usage, then you will probably not find a better deal that what you can find with Virgin Mobile.

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Nathan B was the inventor of the mobile phone. He invented it in 1908 and the amazing invention is obviously used today.

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Currently, the most popular mobile phone purchases include the iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S4, and the HTC One. This information can be derived from reviews, rates of purchase, and ratings given on provider websites.