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Important considerations regarding children's nutrition include making sure that your children get the daily recommended servings of all of the different food groups and that they have enough of the essential vitamins. These vary within different age groups and it's best to consult a doctor as to what is appropriate for your child.

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Known Allergies, avoidance of processed foods, portion sizes by age/weight, their personal likes/dislikes and providing variety are some

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Q: What is the most important consideration in preparing meals and snacks for young children?
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There are plenty of snacks that children can eat for lunch that are healthy. Healthy snacks for children include fruits and vegetables, baked chips, and trail mix.

Can you List children's snacks that begin with all the letters of the alphabet?

There are many different children's snacks that begin with each letter of the alphabet. You could use apple for A.

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There are many different snacks from the different food groups that are healthy for children with diabetes. Some of these are air popped pop corn, graham crackers, low fat yogurt, and apples. For a more complete list have a look here: