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Water is commonly getting into the hazard light systems


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Blown fuses. Consult your owners' manual for their location.

It is a government required safety device. The flashing lights are supposed to warn other vehicles that a passenger is about to exit the vehicle.

The most likely place to find a Dodge Caravan is at a Dodge dealership where they will likely have both new and used models. You may also find a Dodge Caravan for sale by an individual advertised in the newspaper or online.

If the interior lights come on and go of and chimes sound off f on a 1997 Dodge Caravan there could be a loose connection somewhere. This is a common condition with the Dodge Caravan series.

Some suggested Dodge Caravan accessories are splash guards, a running board, a cargo liner, and fog lights. You can find Dodge Caravan accessories on websites like Mopar and AutoAnything.

The headlights on a Dodge Caravan are adjusted by turning the screws located on the top and side of each light. They should be adjusted with the lights pointed at a wall for accuracy.

Dodge Caravan was created in 1984.

Take it to your local Parts Store and have them scan the cars computer Repair the Problems. The lights will go out.

Depending on what type of vehicle it is, it could be the combination flasher relay. 2000 Dodge Caravan, same problem. Replaced DRL/Flasher Relay, problem fixed. Was an expensive dealer only relay...

It could if it was built for the Canadian market. If built for the USA, no.

The Dodge Caravan didn't exist until 1984.The Dodge Caravan didn't exist until 1984.

Not likely. The body changed in 2001.

Wipers, interior lights, exterior lights, alarm, some of the hvac system,.......

Not likely. The transmissions are different. If you own a 1990, you can use parts from 88 to (I think I remember this correctly) 92.

A dead alternator is most likely. Maybe the ECM but not likely.

Normally only ones built for sale in Canada have DRL.

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