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fat - (but you cant just eat fat you need a varied diet).

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Q: What is the most neutricias food you can eat?
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What do most animals eat?

most animals eat their own food like cats eat cat food and dogs eat dog food (and bones!).

What is the most common food rabbits eat?

They eat their rabbit food.

What do most dogs eat?

most dogs eat dog food

Can you eat Chinese food with braces?

you can eat soft, easily biteable food with braces, and most chinese food like fried rice and noodles is soft, so you can eat most chinenese food.

What kind of animals eat their food raw?

Most carnivores eat their food raw

Can mice eat food scraps?

Yes, mice eat most any food scraps. They mainly eat fruits and vegetables but have adapted to eat most human food scraps and will eat just about anything in a dire situation.

What do monkeys eat the most?

monkey eat fruits and vegetables. but the food that monkey eat the most is LEAVES.

Where do you get most of your energy?

We get most of our energy from the food we eat.

Do Salvadorans eat spicy food?

Yes we do...most Hispanics eat spicy food anyways. :)

What kind of food do europeans eat?

we eat most things

What are the most common food beetles eat?

The eat cucumbers

Do polar bears eat the most food in spring summer fall or winter?

polar bears eat the most food in winter

Does the food you eat contain alcohol?

It depends what food it is. Most of them , no.

What types of foods can bunnies eat?

Bunnies eat food like carrots, celery, and food most rodents eat.

Who the most eat Japanese food?

By virtue of the fact that Japanese food is inherently Japanese, it would be fair to say that the people of Japan eat the most Japanese food.

Do cats eat any type of cat food or do spcific species eat certain types of food?

most cats eat any type, but they might not eat the food if they dont like the food

Why do most people chose not to eat organic food?

Most often, people chose not to eat organic food because organic food costs more than non-organic food.

Do omnivores eat people food?

It depends on the animal...but most omnivores would eat people food.

What kind of food do Ethiopians eat?

Ethiopians eat many different types of food the most popular food in ethiopia is injera.....

How do animals get and eat their food?

most attack and eat there prey by mouth

What food do crocodiles eat?

They eat fish and most small crocodiles.

How do animals get eat their food?

most attack and eat there prey by mouth

Which food group you eat most?

Foods from the grain food group should be eaten most.

What food do they eat in Norway?

we eat most of the same food as in other Western countries, but we eat the Norwegian tradisjonel such as food. fårikål (get in cabbage) and lapsgaus are some eksempl.

What do the french eat the most?

food, they are wild about it