What is the most popular sport in Australia?

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The most popular sport in Australia, determined by

participation, spectator and television viewer numbers, is


It is commonly referred to as Australia's unofficial

"national sport". Unlike the winter football codes that

are divided in popularity among different states of Australia,

Cricket generates far greater public interest throughout all parts

of Australia on an international, domestic and local level.

In 2010 Australia had 550 000 registered cricketers and

the Australian men's team is ranked as Australia's favourite

International sporting team. It is one of the most successful teams

in international sport.

On a domestic level, each of the six Australian states has its

own team that competes in three separate competitions over summer.

Local club cricket is also popular, as well as social cricket that

includes variations such as backyard and beach cricket. Indoor

cricket also has a strong following in all states of Australia.

Also determined by participation, spectator and television

viewer numbers - the most popular winter sport in Australia are the

two Rugby football codes. Both games generate public interest on an

international, domestic and local level.

There are just under 650 000 registered players of the

Rugby codes Australia wide, 500 000 - Rugby League and 150 000 -

Rugby (Union). As of 2011, the major Rugby (Union) competition -

"Super 14" will increase to 3 international conferences

made up of five local based teams from Australia, New Zealand and

South Africa and will be known as "Super 15".

Soccer (Association Football) enjoys an extremely high junior

participation in numbers across the country, however as players

have grown in age they have tended to move to either Rugby League

or Australian Rules depending on their location throughout


Other popular team based sports in Australia include Netball and

Hockey. After suffering a significant loss of popularity in the 90s

Basketball has also shown a recent increase in participation at a

junior level.

Popular non-team based sports in Australia include Swimming,

Golf, Tennis, Surfing and Horse Racing. Recently Australia's

fastest growing sport has been Motorsport, in particular - V8


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