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The strongest elbow flexor is the Brachialis

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Q: What is the most powerful flexor muscle in the arm?
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What is the difference between a flexor and an extensor?

A flexor muscle is when the arm bends and the extensor muscle is when the arm is relaxed.

When the arm bends which muscle is the flexor?

the joint muscle

When your arm bends the muscle is the flexor?


What muscle bends the arm?

The muscle/muscles that bend your arms are called Flexor and Extensor.

Is the biceps brachii an extensor or flexor muscle?

It flexes the arm at the elbow.

Is the triceps muscle of the arm a flexor or an extensor?

extensorThe triceps brachii is an extensor. It is the large muscle on the back of the arm and is primarily the muscle used for extension of the elbow joint or straightening of the arm. The triceps is also an antagonist of the biceps and the brachialis muscles.ExtensorsTriceps is not a flexor. It is extensor of the elbow joint.

Which is the main muscle that flexes the forearm?

The biceps brachii is the prime flexor of the arm.

What type of joint or muscle is the biceps?

The biceps is a voluntary muscle of the upper extremity. It is a flexor muscle, and bends the arm at the elbow.

How many muscles are in the tricep?

The tricpes brachii muscle is one muscle. It is an extensor muscle, meaning that it opens, or extends the arm from the shoulder (as opposed to the bicpes, which is a flexor muscle, that closes the arm.)

When you arm bends the what muscle is the flexor?

Probably the Biceps Brachii (commonly called Biceps).

When your arm bends what muscle is the flexor?

Probably the Biceps Brachii (commonly called Biceps).

What type of movement does the contraction of a flexor muscle?

Any flexor muscle decreases the angle of a joint. When you flex your biceps brachii, the distance between your forearm and arm becomes closer together. When you use your extensors on the same joint, your arm will straighten.

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