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Q: What is the most rare flower?
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What are tropical flowers?

A rare flower

How does pollen get from flower to flower?

Most pollen is transferred by flying insects. In some cases it is windborne. It can in one or two rare cases be transferred by slugs or snails.

Are rare flower flowers in Africa?

yes they are

Is green jade flower rare?


Is a orange tiger lily flower rare?

No :(

There is a flower which looks dried like a parrot. How is the flower called?

There is a rare tropical flower called "The Parrot Flower" this may be what you are looking for.

What is the flower of Las Vegas?

The dice flower is las Vegas flower . It is very rare. The call it the dice flower because it is white and it has dots.

What is the native flower of Fiji?

Lake Tagimaucia is one of Taveuni's most famous tourist attractions. It occupies a volcanic crater at an altitude of 800 meters, and is the habitat of the rare tagimaucia flower, Fiji's official national flower.

New Yorks state flower?

new yorks state flower is beutiful pink rose the flower is very rare

What are the 10 most rarest flowers in the world?

I can't give an exact answer as their are lots of rare flowers. Here are only some of them: corpse flower, middlemist red, seven-son flower.

How rare are the pink ladies slipper flower?

not rare i see them in super market every day

What is the Latin phrase for rare flower?

Flos rarus.

What is the flower in french?

The Flower = La fleur (fem.)Fleur is also a (rare) first name in France.

What is Lindsey McCormack?

This is a rare flower, that is lime green and hot pink! This flower was decended from Leighton, Alabama. This flower can talk, and it talks a lot!!!

What does the name VΓ©ronique mean?

Veroniqe means a rare flower.

What is a rare flower starting with letter c?

Cosmos atrosanguineus

List of all the flowers on Harvest moon magical melody?

Moondrop flower, Pinkcat flower, and Blue Mist flower which is my favourite but it is quite rare.

What rare moshling likes yellow dragon fruit flower and black magic bean flower?

m.r snoodle

What is the most rarest flower?

There are many rare flowers in the world. One is not rarer than the other. The jade vine is a rare woody vine found in the tropical rainforests of the Philippines. It is closely related to kidney beans.

The word romantic was first used to describe what?

a beautiful rare flower

What do the Dawson's bee eat?

Rare Flower found only in Australia

What item is the most rare in Harvest Moon magical melody Harvest Moon?

One of the rarest items in Harvest Moon Magical Melody is the Blue Mist flower only found at the top of the mountain in the Fall. Not sure what is the MOST rare though.... Hope this helps!

How do you get the rare moshling tiki?

to get the tiki moshling, you have to get a purple or red star blossom, a pink love flower, and a red love flower.

What is the most rare Ferrari?

The most rare Ferrari is the 250gto.

What is the most abundant flower on earth?

grass is the most abundant flower (plant) on earth grass is the most abundant flower (plant) on earth