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What is the most satisfying part of lawyer's job?

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Successful verdict for the client meaning $$$$ for lawyer.

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What part of this job do you find most satisfying?

A potential new employer may ask you what part of the job you find most satisfying. They are trying to get to know you and see what kind of employee you might be in their company.

2 What did you find most satisfying about your job?

What you find most satisfying bout your job will depend upon the person one asks. Many people find a job satisfying when it is a job that they like and one where they get paid a good amount of money to do the job.

What was the most satisfying about your job?

the most satifying is getting payed

What do pediatrics say about the most exciting or satisfying part of their job..... what are the rewards for pediatrics?

I would have to say the child care part. but hay don't listen to me. its your choice in what you want your answer to be.!

What previous job was most satisfying to you and why?

You are more likely to stay at a position if you are satisfied with your job. When answering this question, be prepared to also give a reason why your left that position if you found it satisfying.

What job satisfactions do nurses get?

Job satisfaction for nurses comes from within. Doing a job as efficiently as possible is satisfying. Having a patient say thank you is satisfying. Saving a life is satisfying. Most are small things that are personally meaningful to you. There is no glam and glory in nursing. It comes from the soul.

What job in the US makes the most money?

Doctors and Lawyers

What was least satisfying about your job?

Currently my job is very satisfying. My last job I felt unappreciated and I didn't feel that I was making a difference.

What job has the most pay?

It depends how good you are at your job. Lawyers and doctors are some of the higher ones.

What job did most of the president have before being elected to office?


What do lawyers do when they are injured on the job?

I don't think that lawyers are usually injured on the job.

Are lawyers good at writing analytically?

It is part of a lawyer's job to be good at writing analytically.

Where can a lawyer most likely find a job?

Many lawyers start private practices or join legal firms, but most working lawyers are employed by corporations.

What are the most satisfying jobs?

It depends on the persons likes and dislikes. If you like music, then maybe working as a music teahcer yould be a satisfying job. If you like cars, then maybe a car mechanic. The best job is the one you want.

What job did the majority of the presidents have?

Most of them were lawyers before they became office holders.

What job makes the most money in Canada?

Docters, Engineers, Lawyers, and Dentists

How do you answer 'What are some examples of past working experience that you have found personally satisfying' in a job interview?

I have experienced in previous job, I satisfying when I finished my job on time.

Which president had the weirdest job before presidency?

Most Presidents were lawyers but Andrew Johnson was a tailor. That's the most "out there" job I could find.

What is the job of commercial lawyers?

Commercial lawyers are specialized in business within commercial matters, most representing companies that engage in business such as transactions. They may also be referred to as "corporate lawyers".

Rewards of a butchers job?

One is, satisfying the needs of society.One is, satisfying the needs of society.One is, satisfying the needs of society.One is, satisfying the needs of society.One is, satisfying the needs of society.One is, satisfying the needs of society.

What is the most common job presidents had before being president?

Many presidents were lawyers perviously.

Why your job will be a job for life?

Your job will be your job for life if you feel that this work is satisfying and offers you the compensation you need and deserve.

Are there any weekly job market ads for lawyers?

Although the job market has a scarce opening for new lawyers looking for job, there are still job openings for lawyers out there. There may not be new job postings weekly but Law Firms are advertising job offers on Sunday papers, their websites and through headhunters.

What kind of job you can get in law?


What job will make you the most money?

CEO, doctor, or a lawyer. lawyers dont make anything. its not worth it