What is the most successful album to date?

there are 2 albums that are always talked about when this subject comes up , the slight problem with the question is , that both these albums are still selling on quite a regular basis worldwide , nevertheless the 2 albums that are out on their own in world sales are MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER ,sales now over 40,million ,and THE EAGLES GREATEST HITS ,sales at last count approaching 35 million ,so i guess at the moment the answer could safely be described as THRILLER ,which was relaesed in 1982 and featured no less than 7 hit singles .

Estimates put Dark Side of the Moon well over 50 million copies is sales is the only marker. One might also consider that Dark Side of the Moon was on the billboard 100 for over 24 years making it the longest run ever. It should be noted that second place at one point was Cher with her Do you Believe album which was on the chart for a shade over 2 years. The albums popularity is an freak that will never be touched.