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What is the most successful album to date?


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there are 2 albums that are always talked about when this subject comes up , the slight problem with the question is , that both these albums are still selling on quite a regular basis worldwide , nevertheless the 2 albums that are out on their own in world sales are Michael Jackson'S THRILLER ,sales now over 40,million ,and THE EAGLES GREATEST HITS ,sales at last count approaching 35 million ,so i guess at the moment the answer could safely be described as THRILLER ,which was relaesed in 1982 and featured no less than 7 hit singles .

Estimates put Dark Side of the Moon well over 50 million copies is sales is the only marker. One might also consider that Dark Side of the Moon was on the billboard 100 for over 24 years making it the longest run ever. It should be noted that second place at one point was Cher with her Do you Believe album which was on the chart for a shade over 2 years. The albums popularity is an freak that will never be touched.


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His album (Thriller) is the most successful up to date. No one has had a album stay at the charts as long as he has.

Sinead O'Connor's least successful album to this day is "Gospel Oak". This album was her last release of the 1990's. A single on it is probably the least successful to date.

it is the E.N.D., their album released in 2009. this is the most successful album and also they have singles in the album that topped the charts for couple of weeks.

Taylor Swift's album Fearless is the most successful to date, selling about 8.7 million worldwide (6.4 million in the US alone). Her two other albums are almost as successful. Her first album, Taylor Swift, has sold about 5.5 million worldwide(5.1 million in the US alone). And her most current album, Speak Now, has sold about 5.5 million worldwide as well (3.8 million in the US alone).

The awesome band, the Red Hot chili peppers most successful album was Stadium Arcadium. The album spent 805 weeks on the charts!

Most people forget about her debut album "Thankful". Her sophomore album "Breakaway" is what made her a star.

as i recall, the most successful Duran Duran Album was the 1982 release "RIO", which featured the title track, & the classic hit single "Hungry Like The Wolf".

She has not released an album in 2013. She last released Red in 2012.

AnswerI think it was the Black Album, which featured Enter Sandman. Yes. it was the black album which came out in 1991. Their is debate on weather or not the justice album could have sold more.They both sold millions but over all master of puppets is more recognised for being the album that gave them the boostthe black albumThe Black album was the most commercially successful, however most newer and older fans like MOP too. In the long run MOP is more well known but not as many were sold.The Black Album is probably the most successful. Every year since it's release, it rounds in about a million record sales every year. Making it one of the most successful metal albums to date.that is if you want to call it metal instead of just rock

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends is the most successful album by Coldplay.

Madonna's second album "Like a Virgin," released in 1985, is her top selling LP.

Their most successful album was Dookie(1994).

That Varies alot. There most successful album was the black album. If you like thrash then you might say Master Of Puppets but it all revolves around your on taste.

Without question, Pink Floyd's most successful album is The Dark Side of the Moon.Dark Side of the MoonDark Side of the MoonThe Dark Side of the Moon charted for 741 weeks (fourteen years), the longest duration of any album in history. With an estimated 45 million units sold, it is Pink Floyd's most commercially successful album and one of the best-selling albums worldwide.The Dark Side of the Moon

The album "For Those About to Rock We Salute You" was released on November 23, 1981. It was written and produced by the popular band AC/DC. It was a successful album but its success paled in comparison to Back in Black.

The Dark Side of the Moon sold 45 million copies worldwide making it their most successful album.

The Carter 3 was released in June 2008. The album would go on to Little Wayne's most successful album at that time and become certified triple platinum.

In the US, her most successful song to date has been "Army of Love" which reached #1 on the Billboard Dance/Club chart.

Superunknown has been certified five times platinum in the United States and remains Soundgarden's most successful album

his breakthrough album was Off The Wall, that got him started on his solo career. But he is most famous for his album Thriller

The biggest-selling album in the world to date remains Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', released in 1984.

Rhianna began her career at 16, and has been very successful with her albums since. Rhianna's most successful album is Good Girl Gone Bad. Her other top albums include Unapologetic and Talk That Talk.

Countdown to Extinction is the most selling album reaching #2 on Billboard.

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