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As of May 29 2012, the most viewed youtube video is:

Justin Bieber - BABY (741,892,697)views

Jennifer Lopez - ON THE FLOOR (544,545,933) views

SHAKIRA - WAKA WAKA (471,571,993) views

Lady Gaga - BAD ROMANCE (468,136,282) views

CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER - AGAIN - (456,431,688) views

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The answer is FRED. I'm not a fan but i speak the truth!

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As of today that's Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris.

Check out the related link for a top 10 of the most viewed videos on YouTube.

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Q: What is the most viewed video in the world?
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Most viewed internet video ever as of 2012?

The most viewed video on the internet is PSY's gangnam style with 1,000,000,000+ views. (Currently 1,128,010,403 views)

Which Whitney Houston video is the most viewed?

I Will Always Love You which was recorded in 1992 is considered to be the Whitney Houston video which is the most viewed. It was one of her personal favorites as well.

What video of Justin Bieber is the most viewed on youtube?


What is Ludacris' most viewed video on YouTube?

Ludacris has many videos on YouTube. The most viewed video is My Chick Bad ft. Nicki Minaj with over 59 million views. The video was uploaded on February 25, 2010.

What is the most viewed video on YouTube Gangnam style PSY With nearly 2 000 000 000 views?

Yes, Gangnam Style by PSY is currently the most viewed video on YouTube.

What is the most view sport in the world?

The most viewed sport in the world is Soccer since it is viewed in different countries unlike football which is only viewed in the U.S.A

What is Lady Gaga's most viewed YouTube video?

Poker Face!

What is Youtube's most viewed video?

Recently, A song known as Gangnam Style by PSY has topped the most viewed video charts of 847.4 Million and growing. See related link for the video.

What is kevjumbas most viewed video?

Kevjumba's most viewed video is currently called "Nice Guys" with about 20 million views, which was a collaboration between Ryan Higa, Chester See, and himself. Kevkumba also has other videos that have passed the 10 million views mark, with the "Ask Kevjumba" video being his second most viewed video at about 15 million views.

What is the most viewed video on youtube up to date and how many views does it have as of June 10 2011?

The most viewed video on YouTube is Justin Bieber's single "Baby". The view count currently stands at 561,690,972.

What is one of most widely viewed video content on display devices?


What is the most viewed Fred video?

I'm gessing Fred goes swimming