What is the most visited fast food restaurant in America?

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subway is the most visited in America from the end of 2010.
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How do you design a fast food restaurant?

There are many registered firms who provides consultancy indifferent fields. Like here focus-fb.com who has the tools,experience, and resources to help, raise the level of excellence atfood and beverage or hotel operations. A few months ago, I hadtaken the consultant services from them.

Which fast food restaurants is hiring?

Mcdonalds Actually, there is such a high employee turnover in most fast food restaurants that almost all of them are almost always hiring.

What restaurants are considered Ethnic fast food restaurants?

Ethnic fast food restaurants would be places like Taco Bell, Taco Time, or any pizza place. Basically it is one that serves only one country's type of food such as, Mexican, Italian, or Chinese.. the awnser above is correct but the word is athentic (au-th-an-tick)

What was the first fast food restaurant?

The first fast food chain was A&W restaurant, which was founded in 1919 in Lodi, California White Castle, the second fast food restaurant, was started in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas

How do you open a fast food restaurant?

You can open a fast food restaurant by buying or starting afranchise. These franchises are often restaurants that have beenopened up for you.

Which fast food restaurant says have your way?

Burger King's slogan was "Have it your way" in the 70's and 80's. . Here's the jingle:. Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce. Special orders don't upset us. All we ask is that you let us. Serve it your way. Have it yooour way, have it your way!. At Burger King you. Can have it your way....

How many fast food restaurants are in Mexico?

According to the latest census (2010), there were 165,283 economic units in Mexico providing fast food services. These included registered snack bars, juice stands, taco and torta stands as well as fast food establishments. These don't include many informal stands which would roughly equal to over 1 ( Full Answer )

Disadvantages of fast food restaurants?

Usually, fast food is higher in soya, fat, sugar, oil, fried meat, salt, cheese, mayonnaise and obviously calories. The greatest disadvantage of fast food is the adverse effect that it has on one's health. It is a fact that fast food is more unhealthy than home-cooked meals, as it contains higher am ( Full Answer )

Which city in America has the most restaurants?

New York City has the most restaurants with more than 23,000 restaurants consisting of a large breadth in ethnic, and gastronomic diversity that is rich in every department, from grand French dining rooms like Daniel and Le Bernardin to notoriously out-of-the-way steakhouses like Peter Luger's, and ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten fast food restaurants?

The top ten Fast Food Chains are: (These are by how many restaurants they have). 10: Domino's Pizza. 9: Taco Bell. 8: Dairy Queen. 7: Wendy's . 6: Dunkin' Donuts . 5: Burger King. 4: Pizza Hut. 3: Starbucks. 2: McDonald's. 1: Subway. (Subway has 24,772 joints!).

Largest fast food restaurant?

Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world, with almost 34,000 world-wide locations. McDonald's is second, with 31,000 locations.

Are Chinese restaurants fast food?

Depends if they hold the food until it's ordered, or prepare it fresh once being ordered. Fast food companies hold the food, ready to be served, then prepare it once ordered. So Chinese buffet would be fast food, but not a Chinese restaurant.

What are the fast food restaurants in US?

There are many good fast food restaurants, I have enjoyed deliciousAsian cuisine and grill chicken in the restaurants of Fargo. Youmust try, Fargo restaurants, it is amazing place to enjoy food andlife. Samurai, Kobe's and Cafe Aladdin are my favorite place.

What do fast food restaurants put in their food?

They use the usual, same products you can get at any grocery store. These include ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, onions, pickles, etc. That is correct if you are asking what comes with a meal from a fast food restaurants. The correct answer for your question is corn. If you watch the movie, King ( Full Answer )

Why are fast food restaurants good for you?

they are good for you because they have high calorie greasy food that cause heart attacks strokes and other life threatening diseases this is good for you if you wanna be fat who ever sent this question must have brain damage so i gave an answer you can easily read :) jackass :D

Was there a Cindy's fast food restaurant?

Yes there is ! back in the 80's here at manila me ang my parents eat at Cindy's my favorite ! Cindy's Fried Chicken ! There was one in the 80's in Breman GA. I used to eat there as a kid. They served everything that Wendy's has.

What is the most used fast food place in America?

McDonalds, as we all know is perhaps one of the biggest fast food corporations worldwide, especially in America. Each year, McDonalds will sell and distribute more than 100 billion beef burgers, with more than 80 million customers per month worldwide. However, McDonalds is crumpled with continual co ( Full Answer )

What fast food restaurants deliver?

It depends on the city. Most American fast food places have drive thrus but no home delivery. In New York City, some McDonald's have delivery. The only other fast food with home delivery would be pizza places.

Are fast food restaurants good for you?

In general, no, they are not good for you. Fast foods usually contain a lot of preservatives and fat. They are often fried or microwaved, cooked ahead and kept in warmers until served (though there are time limits on how long they can be kept warm before served), etc. In all fairness, though, it is ( Full Answer )

Which fast food restaurant is healthier?

I would say Subway's is the best, but if you really want to learn how unhealthy fast food restaurants are read Fast Food Nation.

Are there fast food restaurants in Thailand?

There are hundreds of American fast food restaurants in Thailand all over the country. McDonlad's, KFC, Pizza Hut are everywhere. but rarely found are Burger King and Subway. I don't think there is any Taco Bell yet.

Can Muslims eat from fast food restaurants?

Yes, they can on condition that the serviced food in the fast food restaurant is allowed food for Muslims to eat. Refer to related question below for what is allowed for Muslims to eat and not to eat.

What fast food restaurants have salads?

Mc.Donalds, Dairy Queen, Wendys........ that's all i can think of right off the top of my head but im pretty sure there is more.

How many fast food restaurants in Brazil?

In Brazil . Bon Grillê . Bob's . Habib's e História do Habib's . Giraffa's . McDonald's . Casa do Pão de Queijo . Gordão Lanches . KFC . T.G.I. Fridays . La Bella Pasta . Bonaparte . Burger King . Spoleto (restaurante) . Ragazzo

What is in fast food restaurant food?

It is helpful to understand what the government allows in feed or to be used in conventional production: . Dairy cows - antibiotics, pig & chicken byproducts, hormones (for growth), pesticides, sewage sludge . Beef cows - antibiotics, pig & chicken byproducts, steroids, hormones, pesticides, sew ( Full Answer )

Is the food at fast food restaurants real?

No the food at fast food resturants are not real. Its all a giant conspiracy that the corporate powerhouses trick you into believing that fast food provides the same nutrition and energy as real food. What you are eating is infact make believe food, that is created by our imagination. If we open our ( Full Answer )

How to establish an fast food restaurant?

At first, I want to say that, any consulting firm must be honest,professional and known for their integrity. The firm must be ableto guarantee results and ensure client satisfaction. If you want apartner who can create a buzz in the community, you must chooseyour consulting partner with care. I can ( Full Answer )

What is ethnic fast food restaurant?

It is any restaurant that only sells food of one culture (sometimes more than one), usually a culture foreign to the one where it is situated. E.g. An Indian restaurant in the USA.

Do the Irish have fast food restaurant?

yes they do i have been to Ireland with my family on a cruise ... irember only two of the ones i went to. Eddie Rocket's The Irish answer to the good ol' all-American diner. Or rather anIrish version of the same, shamelessly modelled on 1950s diners andseemingly straight out of "American Graff ( Full Answer )

Are all fast-food restaurants unhealthy?

There are several different types of fast food restaurants. Mostoffer some sort of healthy alternative to their main menu. Anythingthat is deep-fried is obviously pretty unhealthy. Salads, however,are generally a healthier option, though some are topped with lessthan healthy items. The healthier the ( Full Answer )