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Q: What is the movie called when a former high school teacher gets out of jail but is obsessed with a student?
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Is it legal for a teacher to have a relationship with a former student?

yes but not a current student

What will happen if teacher marries former student?

As long as the student and teacher do not have contact for a while after he or she graduates and the "run into each" other then nothing its noones business

What is a former student?

former student means student from the past

Was Matt Striker a former teacher?

yes he was fired because he called in sick to go wrestle in the independants

What teachers died in book 7 of Harry Potter?

Snape Lupin (former teacher) Moody (former teacher)

Who are Britney Spears' parents?

Lynne Irene (née Bridges), a former elementary school teacher, and Jamie Parnell Spears, a former building contractor and chef.

Can a teacher get away with handing out a progress report of a former student to a classmate simply for humiliation?

I would immediately report this to the principal. If that doesn't work, I would go to the school board. Disciplinary action certainly is due in this case. This teacher cannot be trusted.

Former teacher of the deaf whose invention created an entire new industry?

am looking for my former teacher mrs williams of deaf in hull

Which singer is a former school teacher?

Ricky Wilson

Is it bad for a guy to date his former female teacher?


Is it legal for a teacher to have an intimate relationship with his former student?

It depends on who you are, your age, your position, etc. There is nothing illegal about dating a substitute teacher in general. However, if you are underage, a student, etc., there may be some real legal and moral issues that can lead to a multitude of problems.and if your still a miner it is illgeal . and a substitute it is still illgeal...............................

Are Former student and teacher relationships inappropriate?

Of course not, if both share the same level of maturity and are interested, why not. As long as the relationship doesn't get in the way of either party, and the just may work out for the better. Goodluck.