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You can say" Li4 Li" 丽莉,very similar to English.

If you need accurate translatign work, with not very big piece of chapter, I can help for free.I'm a Chinese girl, a freelance translater, any one comes to Guangzhou city in China and need a interpreter, call me +86 13672468136 or email me:

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Q: What is the name Lily in Chinese?
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The name Lily translates into simplified Chinese as Baihe. This name in Italian is Gigilo and in the Spanish language it is spelled as Lirio.

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She is definetly not chinese

How do you write 'Lily' in Chinese?

'Lily' in Chinese is written as 莉莉. In pinyin or pronunciation of the characters is 'li li'.

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It's a English name, most of Chinese know a little about English now, so you don't need to translate it, just spell LILY

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yes actually there are 1 is called The Princess Lily it is a Chinese Folktale go to

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Charlotte and Harry's daughters are named Lily and Rose Goldenblatt. Lily is the Chinese girl they adopted, and Rose is their younger, biological child. I'm not sure they ever mention why they chose the name Lily, but they named Rose after Harry's grandmother.

How do you say lily in Chinese?


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