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A group of snakes is usually called a nest of snakes.

A group of rattlesnakes would be a rhumba.

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Q: What is the name for a group of snakes?
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Group of snakes?

A nest is the name given to a group of snakes

Name of a group of snakes?


What is the name for a group of common and often deadly snakes?


What is a group of snakes called?

A group of snakes is called a nest

What group of animals are snakes in?

Snakes are a reptile so that is the group there in

What is a group of snakes?

A nest of snakes

What do you call a group of snakes?

An nest of snakes.

What is a Viper?

A viper is a snake. Viper is another name for one group of venomous snakes.

Is a group of snakes called a clutch?

A group of snakes can be a den, bed, pit. A group of rattlesnakes is a rhumba.I can find no reference to clutch for a group of snakes (possibly a clutch of bird, snake eggs?).

What are the distinguishing features of reptiles name few common members of this group?

aligators snakes crocadiles

What is the name of a group of rattlesnakes?

There is no such name as rattlesnakes are usually solitary animals and only gather with other snakes in the winter den.

What animal group do snakes lizards belong to?

Snakes and lizards are reptiles.

Are snakes invertibraes?

snakes are not invertebrate they are vertebrates and they belongs to the reptiles group.

Is a group of baby snakes called a clutch?

Yes, a group of just born (hatchling) snakes, or a group of snake eggs, are known as a clutch.

Is it correct English to say A THRONG OF SNAKES ATTACKED ME is throng the right word for a group of snakes?

Colin Peters is correct. But I believe a group of snakes is a 'nest' of snakes.

Why are snakes and lizards related?

Both snakes and lizards belong to a group of reptiles called squamates. Snakes likely evolved from a group related to monitor lizards.

What snakes group does it belong to?


What is the fifth group of reptiles?


What is a snake group called?

A group of snakes is called a nest

What is a rhumba?

A rhumba is a group of rattle snakes.

A group of baby snakes?

A pod or cluster

Do all snakes have a group?

they are in the squamate family

Are frogs and snakes in the amphibian group?


To what group of animals do snakes belong?


What is a group of baby snakes called?