What is the name for a group of snakes?


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A group of snakes is usually called a nest of snakes.

A group of rattlesnakes would be a rhumba.


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A nest is the name given to a group of snakes

A group of snakes is called a nest

Snakes are a reptile so that is the group there in

A group of snakes can be a den, bed, pit. A group of rattlesnakes is a rhumba.I can find no reference to clutch for a group of snakes (possibly a clutch of bird, snake eggs?).

A viper is a snake. Viper is another name for one group of venomous snakes.

There is no such name as rattlesnakes are usually solitary animals and only gather with other snakes in the winter den.

Yes, a group of just born (hatchling) snakes, or a group of snake eggs, are known as a clutch.

Both snakes and lizards belong to a group of reptiles called squamates. Snakes likely evolved from a group related to monitor lizards.

Snakes and lizards are reptiles.

snakes are not invertebrate they are vertebrates and they belongs to the reptiles group.

Cobras are snakes, which are reptiles. They are in the family Elapidae, which includes coral snakes, mambas, and tiger snakes.

Sea snakes can forage in groups, but snakes generally don't hang out together unless they are mating. Oh, and a group of snakes is not called a herd. It could probably just be referred to as a group (like with the sea snakes) because snakes don't cruise around together. ----- There is such a thing as a nest of vipers.

A rhumba is a group of rattle snakes.

they are in the squamate family

No. The group of snakes referred to as watersnakes are venomous. Be careful though. Some venomous snakes may still resemble water snakes.

The study of snakes is ophiology.

Most of the time snakes are solitary, however in some regions snakes will hibernate in a group called a hibernaculum.

King snakes and Milk snakes are actually from the same family of snakes. (Latin name Lampropeltis) The King Snakes latin name is Lamprpeltis getulus, and the Milk Snake is Lampropeltis triangulum.

The largest group of reptiles are birds, lizards, snakes, and turtles.

The name of Egyptian's god of snakes and war is Apophis.

Snakes do no belong to a specific genus. Snakes are a diverse group that includes over 500 genera (genuses). They form the suborder Serpentes .

What different types of snakes vary by their size and name.

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