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The American Civil War, or the War Between the States.

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There was never a war between the South and the West in the US. There was a war between the North and the South and between Mexico and America.

the south pole is called the south pole and the north pole is called the north pole the name is the main difference.

North and South Island of NZ? = Cook Strait

Are you asking about the US Civil War? if so, The North was was the Union, and the South was the Confederate.

north korea and south korea is where war started and thats the latitude of south and north korea. (38th parallel- thats how it got its name)

*The civil war *The War between the States

civil war. or the war between the states

The name given to the dividing line between North and South Vietnam is the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone. This was a result of participation in the first Indochina war.

The name for the north is union. The name for the south is confederate

Mexico is not the boundary. It is a country.. ..............

The name of the region between 66.5 north and the equator is called the Northern Temperate Zone. The name of the region from the equator and 66.5 degrees south of the equator is called the Southern Temperate Zone.

Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression (in the South),

The American Civil War. The War between the States. The War between Brothers.

Civil War,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The definition of irony huh?

Land, The South Pole or Antarctica is on land, while the North Pole or Arctic is a frozen Ocean.

North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota.

half way between salisbury in the south and new haven to the north

the "Demilitarized Zone," along the 38th parallel

Central America got its name because it's between North America and South America

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