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"The Cold War" can be described as the name given to the non-fighting war between the West and the Soviet Union to prevent the spread of communism.

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The stop to communism and to prevent communism to come into the US.

It was a commitment to help nations that were threatened by communism and Soviet expansion To prevent the Soviet Union from using force to spread communism

Political differences Soviet Union was communist and wanted to spread communism around the world USA was anti communist and prevent communism spreading and install democracy

The u.s beleived in democracy and were fighting to spread it while the soviet were fighting for the spread of communism

The Soviet Union backed North Korea fighting for Communism after Korea temporarily split at the 38th parallel.

Yes. The tension between the Soviet Union with its goal of Communism and the western democracies , incl the USA was/is called the cold war. (A war without fighting.)

The US was fighting the USSR, or the Soviet Union, in the cold war. Mostly, though, it was democracy against communism.

Soviet communism emphasized industrialization while Chinese communism focused on agricultural workers.

The U.s was weary of communism in China, a fear rooted from Soviet Communism and as a result the U.s tried harder in fighting the spread of communism in the country.

It was more of a struggle between the Soviet Union and China.

There are many differences. My example is that Soviet communism *cares* China really doesn’t.

America's fear played a major role in the cold war. see with our fear we tried to prevent what our fears would become, such as we were afraid that a nuclear war was going to start, or the communists would take over the world. so in turn we tried to prevent that by fighting the spread of communism even to the extent of the Vietnam war and making tensions very high between us and the soviet union.

Answer this question… Chinese communist leaders worked directly to serve rural peasants. Soviet leaders viewed themselves as guides for urban workers.

The Soviet style of communism focused on urban workers, while the Chinese style focused on rural peasants.

The Soviet Union experienced an economic collapse, which ended communism in the country. The Soviet Union was in existence from 1922 to 1991.

While officially no shots were fired, the United States was fighting against the Soviet Union (USSR). The US was fighting against communism.

Similar to the soviet union China has a strict policy of no criticism of the government and censorship however the major difference between Chinese communism and Soviet Communism was that the Soviet economy was closed and a rigid state planned economy in all aspects which lead to gross inefficiency's (There was an average 10 year delay for getting a car) and ultimately was a major cause for the soviet collapse. China does not necessarily have a communist economy now as it has many free market aspects such as being an open economy which freely trades with country's around the world this is why Chinese "communism" has not collapsed

The point of Marxist Communism is to "spread the revolution". One of the most striking differences between Communism and Socialism is that Socialism calls for reform, but Communism calls for revolution.

Capitalism is the economic system currently replacing Communism in former Soviet countries.

The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism to the whole world. The West had a capitalist system and tried to limit the spread of communism. This created the environment for hostility between the two factions.

America was actively fighting Communism as early as 1919 in the Russian Civil War. The fear of communism does not stem from the Soviet Union, it stems from what communism represents. There was no great event that started the fear of communism, made clear by the fact that in 1919 the Bolsheviks were yet to actually do that many great evils.

No it was Hitler but communism was partially to do with it as Hitler wanted to get of Communism

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