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As Hamas does not have what most would consider a conventional army, they are forced to come up with relatively low-tech, easily concealable weapons and tactics, while the Israeli military has the opposite challenge: a huge technological advantage, but a well-hidden enemy which can disappear at a moment's notice. This dynamic means an intense arms race is ongoing, and it's safe to assume both sides will continue to develop creative weapons and tactics.

Hamas uses a variety of small artillery rockets in attacks on Israeli settlements and military forces. Russian rockets called Katayusha are often used, as they are cheap and readily available. Hamas fighters have become best known for building their own homemade rockets, called Qassam. These rockets are often built in garages and machine shops with salvaged explosives and scrap metal, but have become remarkably accurate in recent years. Qassam rockets also have the advantage of being able to be fired quickly, with the operators able to flee within seconds of launch.

The Israeli military has become remarkably sophisticated in countering Hamas rockets, however. With American help and funding, Israel has deployed Iron Dome, a surface-to-air missile system capable of automatically shooting down Qassam and Katayusha rockets. Radar-guided artillery and airstrikes are able to locate and attack launch sites very quickly.

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The dominant kind of rockets that Hamas uses are Qassam Rockets -- Saarukh Qasaam (صاروخ قسام‎).

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Q: What is the name of a rocket which Hamas uses against Israel presently?
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What are Israel's purposes for attacks against Hamas?

to stop the rocket attacks hamas is responsible for.

Hamas is a militant organisation fighting against which country?


Who does Hamas target?

Hamas has declared an unceasing war against the Jewish people, but has only attacked them in Israel.

Why are Israel and Hamas fighting in the Gaza Strip?

Israel and Hamas are not currently fighting anywhere. There are currently no Israeli military forces in Gaza and, as far as is known, no Hamas military forces in Israel.

Who do you think is right between Israel and Hamas in the attacks in 1914?

Israel was right because Hamas was constantly attacking them. Note: The above answer is referring to the confrontation between Israel and Hamas called Operation Cast Lead which occurred in December of 2008 and January of 2009. In 1914, there was no such political organization as Hamas and there was no government called Israel. Therefore, the question as actually posed is meaningless. There were Jewish and Palestinian Militias operating in Ottoman Palestine at the time, but they were in their infancy and more directed against the Ottomans than against each other.

What is currently happening between Israel and Hamas?

Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel and the removal of the Jews from the middle east. Israel only seeks to defend its borders, sometimes quite aggressively.

What country just attacked Hamas in Gaza?


Who controls the Gaza strip of israel?

The Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas, and is not part of Israel.

Who won the Gaza war?

Israel won the Gaza War, but the internation reaction became a serious challenge for the state. Israel defeated Hamas both tactically and strategically, and succeeded in at least minimizing rocket attacks from Gaza.

Who is Israel eminies?

Mainly Hamas, Hizbollah, Syria and Iran.

When the hamas party won the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary election why did that worsen the Palestinians' relationship with Israel?

Hamas refuses to recognize Israel whereas the previous Palestinian party in power, Fatah, is willing to recognize Israel and negotiate with them to degree. Therefore, when Hamas replaced Fatah as the legitimate government of the Palestinians by elections in 2006, Israeli relations with the Palestinian Authority soured in anticipation of the more doggedly Anti-Israel stance of Hamas.

How is Gaza strip governed?

Hamas dictatorship which was created by the nation of Israel.

What does Gaza have that Israel does not have?

A Hamas Government.Pretty much everything else you can find in Gaza exists in Israel.The reason that Israel is fighting against Gaza has to do with the belligerent attitude and activities of its government. Israel does not want the Gaza Strip to acquire the territory or the people.

What was the Gazan War of 2008-2009?

Gazan War of 2008-2009Neutral Name: Gazan War of 2008-2009Israeli Name: Operation Cast LeadArab Name: Gaza MassacreCause: Hamas fired numerous rockets into Israel as retaliation for the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Israel said that it needed the blockade since Hamas refuses to recognize the State of Israel and had previously engaged in continuous militant activity.Result: Israel won a decisive military victory against Hamas, destroying much of the infrastructure and capabilities of that organization.

Who controls Gaza?

Gaza is officially controlled by Hamas. Unofficially it is controlled by Israel.

Why Israel is killing children?

It is a consequence of Hamas using civilians as a human shield.

What is Hamas' main goal?

Hamas' central goal is the eradication of Israel and its Jewish population and the creation of a unitary Arab Islamic Apartheid Palestinian State.

What country did Israel invade in 2009?

Israel invaded the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip from December 2008 to January 2009.

Is Hamas a current enemy of Australia?

The military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, is listed as a terrorist organization by Australian Authorities. Hamas has facilitated no violent action against Australia or Australian citizens as its main target remains Israel. However, an enemy of peace anywhere is an enemy of the peace everywhere.

Why is Israel attacking Gaza?

Hamas was/is firing missiles at civilians in Southern Israel.The aim of the current operation is to stop Hamas from firing the missilesand improve the security situation for Israeli citizens.Because they are being attacked by Hamas, a terrorist government. elected by the people of Israel will defend herself.

What is the latest on the on-going war in Israel and Palestine today?

The latest war was Operation Pillar of Smoke, which was an Israeli Aircraft and missile assault retaliating against Hamas Missile Strikes in Israeli territory which intensified after Israelis targeted the leader of Hamas' militant wing for assassination.

Are the Israelis and the Palestinians still fighting?

Israel is still fighting Hamas, but not the other Palestinians.

Has Palestine been suspected of using terrorist tactics against Israel?

Yes. Both the Palestinian Authority (formerly the Palestine Liberation Organization) and the Hamas Government of Gaza have engaged in terrorist activities to fight the State of Israel including, but not limited to: suicide bombings in civilian areas, rocket attacks against civilian targets, organizing school shootings, and kidnapping and murdering soldiers. In the last ten years, the position of the Palestinian Authority has become more moderated.

Why does the Gaza Strip belong to Israel?

It doesn't. It belongs to the Palestinian Authority, but is under Hamas Occupation.

What has the author Floor Janssen written?

Floor Janssen has written: 'Hamas and its positions towards Israel'