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I Would Suggest A Product Made By LUCAS Power Steering TREATMENT. Worked Great For Me. Hey Another Thing Your Belt May Not Be Tight, Have Your Power Steering Belt Checked. If making turns causes your P.S.P to squeal, it may be low on fluid. Try adding p.s.p fluid.

2006-08-14 22:19:55
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What would cause a high pitched squealing noise in 1994 Honda Civic when turning left or right?

Power Steering pump my have a leak...

Is the power steering pump bad if you hear a squealing noise when turning a 1993 Honda Accord hard?

It may need just a simple belt replacement. If you change one, change them all.

What is the best additive to mix with a tank of gas on a 1800 Honda motorcycle?

Depends, what do you need the additive to do ?

How can you unlock your 1993 Honda steering wheel?

To unlock the steering wheel on a 1993 Honda place the key in the on position. Doing so will free the steering wheel.

What would cause squealing in Honda Accord?

A loose or glazed "fan belt" is a very common cause of squealing. A quieter squeal is produced by brake linings that are almost worn through.

Does a Honda rincon 680 have power steering?

no it does not.

What does pulling knob do under steering wheel of 1987 year Honda Accord?

The knob under the steering wheel of the 1987 Honda Accord adjusts the height of the steering wheel. The knob will allow the steering wheel to move up or down.

Where is the power steering fill on a 2001 Honda s2000?

The S2000 has electronic power steering hence no power steering fluid.

Can ATF be used as power steering fluid for Honda Civic?

Honda vehicles have a habit of "foaming" their power steering fluid. You can use other fluids for an emergency, say you are on the road and the only fluid a truck stop has is generic, but Honda recommends then draining it out and replacing it with a fluid to their specifications as soon as possible. Using other power steering fluids without as much anti-foaming additive will result in short-term whining in the power steering system and the air bubbles will make the steering sluggish and jerky. Long-term effects of aerated fluid are pump cavitation(damage) and premature wear of the power steering gear (air bubbles don't lubricate). I would stick with what Honda says to use, since it really doesn't cost much more and service intervals for most power steering systems are quite long. Hope this helps. Sincerely, Panopticon

Is the gasoline additive MMT corrosive?

Honda said YES. Voids some warrentys

Where is the power steering in a 87 Honda CRX?

they dont come with power steering *answered by darkmega :)

Where is the Horn relay on a Honda civic hatchback?

On the Steering...

Does a Honda Accord have a filter on the power steering pump?


What year did Honda stop making the prelude?

Honda stopped making the prelude in 2001.

I have a 2002 Honda CR-V and there is squealing coming from rear when driving?

You need to replace the fluid in your rear differential. Use Honda Dual-Pump fluid, available from the stealership.

Why does my power steering pump make noise on my 2004 Honda Accord in the morning when it's cold out?

The fluid could be low, or the pump could be weak and makes noise until it warms up the fluid. There is an additive available to help quiet the pump.

Does a 2013 Honda Accord have power steering fluid?

If you don't have dry rot in your power steering lines, it does.

Does a 96 Honda Civic dx have power steering?

I know my 97 Honda civic dx doesn't.


No. Only Honda Genuine.

What would cause a 1999 Honda Passport to make a squealing noise?

If that's the extent of the complaint, check the serpentine belt and tensioner.

Will Honda Magna parts fit a Honda nighthawk mainly the front steering parts?

Which Honda Magna and which Honda Nighthawk? (Year, model including engine size).

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 99 Honda civic?


Vin location 1986 Honda trx250r?

Steering neck...

What is 4WS?

4 WIER STEERING Let's make that 4 wheel steering, some Honda Preludes have this feature.

When you are reversing your Honda Odyssey the steering go the opposite direction?

Yes, and with all cars. It is based on rotational steering.