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Q: What is the name of nun at confirmation hearing of Justice Thomas?
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Can the name Selena be a confirmation name?

No, the name Selena can not be a confirmation name.

What is the confirmation name for Victoria?

victoria is a confirmation name..

Selena Gomez's confirmation name?

Her confirmation name is Marie!

Is your Confirmation name the same as your Confirmation saint?


What is the name of person preparing for Confirmation?

The Confirmation Candidate.

Is there a list of Catholic Confirmation names?

Any Saint's name can be a Confirmation name.

How is a confirmation name listed on the confirmation certificate?

If a confirmation name is chosen, usually a saint's name, it is listed after the baptismal name and before the surname. Otherwise, the baptismal name is used. ex: confirmation name: John Baptismal name: Charles Michael Surname: Smith confirmation certificate : Charles Michael John Smith w/o confirmation name: Charles Michael Smith

Is Savannah a good confirmation name. why?

No, Savannah is not a good confirmation name as it is not the name of a saint or blessed.

What does Thomas Kinkade put in all his paintings?

i think i remember hearing its an N for his wifes name. Nancy i believe

Do women have to chose a feminine confirmation name?

No, you can also choose a male confirmation name as long as it is a saint's name.

Is the name Assumpta a confirmation name?

Yes, it can be a Confirmation name. Assumpta brings to mind the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

What are good confirmation names for Desirae?

Any Saint name would be a good Confirmation name for her.

Is Lauren a confirmation name?

I can find no saint named Lauren and your confirmation name should be that of a saint.

Is the name Alyson a confirmation name?


Can you use your confirmation name on official documents of any sort?

No, not unless you have legally changed your name to include your confirmation name.

What is the name of the oil used in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

The name of the oil used in Baptism and Confirmation is called CHRISM.

Is blath a good name for your confirmation pronounced blaw?

No! The name chosen for confirmation must be the name of a saint or blessed and Blath is not the name of a saint.

What are all the confirmation saints names?

Any canonized Saint can be a Confirmation name.

What was the name of Lizzie Borden judge?

For the preliminary hearing* the presiding judge was Josiah Coleman Blaisdell. For the actual murder trial there were three judges:Chief Justice Albert Mason, Asst Chief Justice Caleb Blodgett and Asst Chief Justice Justin Dewey. *The prelim hearing, also known as a probable cause hearing is standard procedure in the American judicial system. Before a person is formally tried for a crime there must be a hearing to descern if evidence exists, enough so that a jury could reach a verdict.

Can Milagros be used as a confirmation name?

If you are Catholic then your confirmation name must be that of a person who has been declared a Saint by The Vatican.

What was the name of justice before justice?

Victoria Justice`s real name is Victoria Dan Justice.

Name of the oil in confirmation?


Is paige a confirmation name?


Is Giselle a confirmation name?

As a Confirmation name, you can choose the name that you received at your Baptism or you may choose a name of a saint or Bible character that you would like to emulate.

Do you use a child's confirmation name on the envelope containing a money gift to present to her at the confirmation?