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There was a version of Toblerone that matches this description. we think it might be called the snocap

2008-09-30 21:19:22
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Is Toblerone chocolate vegetarian?

The following chocolates are suitable for vegetarians: Toblerone Dark (all sizes) Toblerone Honeycomb Crisp 100g Toblerone Milk (all sizes) Toblerone Milk Fruit and Nut 400g/35g Toblerone Snow Mini 12.5g & One by One 8.8g Toblerone Tiny/Miniatures Assorted 198g, 330g Toblerone White (all sizes) Toblerone Tobelle 160g "Vegan" is generally built up around not eating anything from an Animal and Toblerone Chocolate, is a Dairy Chocolate therefore not suitable for Vegans.

What are the white pieces in a toblerone bar?

The white peices in a toblerone bar is honey and almond nougat!

What are the white things in a toblerone bar?

Almond nougat.

Is vanilla a white substitute for chocolate?

White chocolate is a white substitute for chocolate.

What chocolate has the least cocoa in milk chocolate or white chocolate?

white chocolate

What is two products manufactured in Belgium?

Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. and cheese.

Why is white chocolate not chocolate coloured?

White chocolate isn't chocolate colored because of the chemicals in it that turns it white :-)

What states are the White Mountains in?

: United States White Mountains (Alaska) White Mountains (Arizona) White Mountains (California) White Mountains (New Hampshire), a range of mountains that extends into Maine

Why is milk chocolate not white?

because it is milk chocolate not white chocolate!!

What melts the slowest white chocolate or milk chocolate?

white chocolate

Is white chocolate milk chocolate?

White chocolate often refers to Vanilla not milk chocolate

What is more delicious milk chocolate or white chocolate or dark chocolate?

milk chocolate then white chocolate and then it's dark chocolate

Can people with chocolate allergy eat white chocolate?

I would think so since white chocolate isn't real chocolate White chocolate is artificial.

What is the appearance of white chocolate?

White chocolate looks exactly like milk chocolate except it is white.

Is white chocolate pure chocolate?

White chocolate has no cocoa in it, so I guess the answer is no.

What is white chocolate made of how does it get white?

White chocolate is basically chocolate that doesn't have any cocoa. Cocoa is what makes regular chocolate Brown, so w/o it, the chocolate stays White.

Which chocolate has the most fat in it?

the chocolate whit the most fat is the white chocolate white chocolate is the fat taken out of chocolate

What direction is the Adirondack Mountains from the White Mountains?

The Adirondack Mountains are East from the White Mountains.

Who has more fat white chocolate or milk chocolate?

White chocolate has more fat than milk chocolate does.

How to make white chocolate out of dark chocolate?

You simple have to add milk to the dark chocolate to make the white chocolate.

Is there cocoa in white chocolate?

I belive that there is no cocoa in white chocolate.

How do you make an white chocolate Oreo?

use white chocolate

Are white chocolate and dark chocolate made the same?

White chocolate is made the same way as milk chocolate and dark chocolate -- the difference is the ingredients. Because white chocolate has no cocoa solids from the chocolate liquor, the FDA doesn't classify it as chocolate

WHAT type of chocolate is better for you white dark or milk?

Milk chocolate , then white chocolate , dark chocolate is the worst. dark chocolate sucks.

What is used to make white chocolate go white?

It's rather what ISN'T used that makes white chocolate white. There's no cocoa in white chocolate, and that's what gives regular chocolate its brown colour.