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Domino Theory


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The Americans become even more determined to stop the spread of communism by touting "The Domino Theory" where when one nation falls to communism so too the next nation .

Because of the Domino Theory, which says if one nation falls to communism, then all of the surrounding nations will become communist.

in the Phillipines, Asian Continent

the u.s. signed a treaty with south Korea to stop the spread of communism in the far east. if aisa falls to communism, the rest will fall to communism.

The Victoria Falls are situated on the Zambezi river between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The concern emanated from the "domino theory" which stated that if one nation falls to a communist revolution then other countries around it will too. So the idea was to prevent the Vietnamese communist revolution from succeeding and thereby containing communism.

Eisenhower had an Ida that if a nation falls under communist control so wil the nation nearbuy.

Putin was a member of communist party from 175 to 1991.After communism falls he is not communist.

It was called the Domino Theory. then when one country falls to communism then the rest will soon fall one after another.

They were trying to stop the spread of Communism in that region. The U.S. feared the domino effect. Whereas one country falls to communism and others will follow.

The domino theory is that if one country falls into communsim, other neighboring countries will fall into communism.

It was called the Domino Theory, because just as a domino falls and causes the next one to fall, so to would the other Southeast Asian countries fall if Vietnam fell.

To contain the Communism throughout Indochina, for America had a theory if one nation falls to Communism, than rest of the neighboring nations will fall and eventually make it to the United States soil, as they were afraid. Soviet Nation V.s United States of Democracy were huge rivals during the Cold War, it was all about competition and the fear that one day each other death squads might obliterate each others land and cause massive genocide between each other.

The water of the Victoria Falls flow down, however the Zambezi River of which the falls are part flows in a generally southeasterly direction from the African nation of Zambia to the Indian Ocean.

Vietnam was the second "hot" battle of the Cold War (the fight against communism). Korea was the first "hot" battle. Vietnam was fought under the rule of the domino theory, if one country falls to communism, then the next one will fall. We fought in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism.

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While full obedience is not a requirement of communism, it does require conformity; if one person decides to simply not participate in the society, it eventually falls apart.

No. That falls in the realm of tradition, belief, and faith, but not experimentally quantifiable phenomena.

"Actually, the war was fought from 1960-1975. The Americans joined the French in the war because they thought that it would keep Asia from becoming Communist." Actually that's wrong, the war was fought fron 1965-to 1971. They became involved due to the Domino theory, being that if Vietnam falls to communism, so will all the rest of the surronding Asian countries, so on and so forth. The Americans saw an ally in the french in the fight against communism, and supported them.

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The Vietnam War was so important because communism was on the brink of spreading throughout Vietnam. The Domino Theory states that if one country falls to communism the rest will follow with it. The U.S. had an obligation to contain this threat-- the Truman Doctrine.

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the domino theory was the theory that once something happens, it leads to a certain series of events. in the cold war, the domino theory was the threat of the spread of communism throughout the world. once a country falls to communism, it was said that soon after, its neighbouring countries would also fall.

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