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What is the name of the government system that the people rule?


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A democracy. Here's an URL:


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democracy The type of government system that the people rule and hold sovereign power is a republic.

Simply 'Democracy' You are probably looking for the term Democracy or Republic.

A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God.

Theocracy is a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.

The people rule the country as the government is because of people.

An oligarchy is a system of government controlled by a small number of people. These people are often part of a small clan, clique, or organization.

Democracy is a regime that is organised by the rule of the people.Is a rule of people by the peopleDemocracy refers to the system of government whereby the subjects are eligible to electing their leaders.

Direct Rule: a system of government in which a province is controlled by a central government.

A democratic system.A government that can only rule with the consent of the people (democracy).

a government in which the people rule;a system in which the residents vote to decide an issue.

A democracy is a system of government in which all eligible citizens are meant to participate equally â?? either directly or, through elected representatives. The term democracy originates from the Greek word demokratia which means rule of the people.

Rule by the people is called a Democracy. Rule where the people elect representatives is called a Republic. Other common types of government include the following: Monarchy: rule by a king or queen Aristocracy: rule by aristocrats (usually the wealthy, educated people) Autocracy or Dictatorship: Rule by one person or a group of people. (Although of course most dictators claim to be leaders of democracies.)

that the people rule the government by voting for officials

AnswerTheocracy - rule by theologians or religious leaders. Which is different to Democracy, rule by the people.Civilization - an advanced stage (as in art, science, and government) of social development. The way of life of a people.

The opposite of indirect rule is direct rule.Indirect rule is a system of government of one nation by another, though the governed people are allowed to retain certain administrative, legal, and other powers.Direct rule is a government in which a province is controlled by a central government run by the ruling country.

I'm not completely sure but I thing it is democracy.

oligarchyOligarchy is the form of government. This is the form that only few people rule.

A system of government that rests ultimate governing power in its people, who may rule directly or via representatives.

no the people in monarcy have to pee on hobo's to rule the government

Popular sovereignty also known as sovereignty of the people, is a system in which government powers are carefully spelled out to prevent government from becoming too powerful. Rule by the People is or representatives are the source of all political power.

They 'were only open to people who had been recommended for government service already.'

It was the best way for people to live in peaceful communities.

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