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I think you're talking about "Riding With Private Malone" by David Ball.

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Is buys an adverb?

No. Buys is a verbBuys is a form of buy. We use buys when the subject is he or she or it or a singular noun. egHe buys chocolate every day. -- He is the subject so use buy + sThe boy buys chocolate everyday -- Boy is the subject and is a singular so use buy + s

Who buys Netto Asda or Sainsburys?

Sainsburys buys Netto

Who buys the wedding ring?

Groom buys the wedding rings.

When was Willem Buys born?

Willem Buys was born in 1661.

When did Willem Buys die?

Willem Buys died in 1749.

When was Paulus Buys born?

Paulus Buys was born in 1531.

When did Paulus Buys die?

Paulus Buys died in 1594.

When was Frieke Buys born?

Frieke Buys was born in 1954.

When was Izak Buys born?

Izak Buys was born in 1895.

When was Jacobus Buys born?

Jacobus Buys was born in 1724.

When did Jacobus Buys die?

Jacobus Buys died in 1801.

Who buys most of Australia's crayfish?

China buys most of Australia's crayfishChina buys most of Australia's crayfish

Which is correct She buys vegetable at or from the market?

the correct answer is she buys vegetables from the market

Who buys kates clothes?

Kate buys and selects her clothing for herself.

What is a stockholders?

A person who buys into a company. Who buys stock. Thus, "stockholders "

When did Coenraad de Buys die?

Coenraad de Buys died in 1821.

When was Coenraad de Buys born?

Coenraad de Buys was born in 1761.

When was Kevin Buys born?

Kevin Buys was born on 1986-04-26.

When was Ashley Buys born?

Ashley Buys was born on 1979-06-01.

What things does Nepal buys?

The things that Nepal buys is food and drink and clothes

Who buys the ring for the groom?

The bride buys the groom's ring; the groom buys the bride's ring. Sometimes, couples simply pool their money and buy as a set.

Which country buys most of Australia's crayfish?

China buys most of Australia's crayfish.

What did maniac Magee do with the money Grayson have him?

no he buys more cheese

What are hot buys on stardoll?

Hot buys are clothes, that are usually nicer, and only appear in the shop for one month! Hot buys are also expensive and superstar only...

Who buys worms on HorseIsle?

Dave McGee on Loch Isle buys them in tens, $500 for each batch.