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There are three airports located in the country of Grenada. The airports are Maurice Bishop International, Pearls, and the Lauriston Airport.

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What is the airport of Grenada?

what is the national airport in grenada

When was Grenada Municipal Airport created?

Grenada Municipal Airport was created in 1943.

How did grenada got it name?

grenadA got his name by his father

The name of the president of Grenada?

what is the name of the 2010 Grenada president

How did grenada got his name westindies?

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Where is salines international airport located?

İn the town of St. George's, Grenada (the island nation)

Who is the president name of Grenada?

Grenada does not have a president but it has a prime minister:Hon. Tilman Thomas

How did Grenada get its name?


Where does Grenada get its name?

from Christopher Columbus

How long does it take to fly from gatwick to Grenada?

The distance from London Gatwick Airport to Saint Georges, Grenada is 7002 kilometers. A flight there takes about 9 hours and 19 minutes on average.

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What is the name of the Grenada dove?

Leptotillia wellsi

What is another name for Grenada?

Island of spice

Which country has a city name Grenada?


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What is the name of the highest mountain in Grenada?

At 2,756 feet (840 meters) Mount Saint Catherine is the highest mountain in Grenada.

Who designed the Coat of Arms of Grenada?

Lois masanto

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What is the name of the chain of islands that Grenada is part of?

the Caribbean islands

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