What is the nature of social problems?


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social problems are the problems that affect the society social problem becomes a social problem it affect social as social as a whole in some personal problem are not social problems. A social problem may be personal to you though.


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The time and audience define what a social problem is.

on recent problems faced by nature...?

By spreading true, accurate information about phenomena, showing the nature of problems, and indicating what steps need to be taken to reduce current problems and prevent future ones.

In general terms a "Social Issue" is a problem that is moral and ethical in nature - for example: Inner-city homelessness, Abortion, Gay Marriage, poverty (as examples only)

Some of the social problems in China are a result of the uneven distribution of social wealth in the country. Social problems include regional imbalances and employment distribution.

social problems with in the families and community

whenever the people of a certain society are depriverd from their basic social rights, then social problems arises.

There are a great many different social problems in the world. Racism and discrimination are just two of these problems.

social problems include problems in all social issues of social structure,social functions,social change etc. A sociologist studies these problems in accordance to sociological thoughts & social philosophy or may take a stand according to his own social thought eg: classical/normative,modern including marxist,liberal etc thoughts.

Change in social structures nature,the social institution's social behaviour or social relationships,an for society

A social problem becomes a social problem when it affect society as a whole in some way. personal problems are not social problems. A social problem may be personal to you though. some major social problems are crime war & terrorism race & ethnic inequality gender inequality poverty and there are many more. Some major social problem relate to Poverty,Health,Social inequality & injustice (discrimination), social insecurity, unemployment, human rights, freedom etc

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Social problems affect the entire society. Sociological problems are those face sociologist such access to certain population groups.

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there are 3 ways. nature problems disease problems human problems

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administrative problems social problems psychological problems technological problems Low income problems

Some social problems of the Philippines are: unemployment poverty pollution street children illiteracy

Poverty, education, and poor government are major social problems with Africa.

what are the most recent movies depecting social problems among the youth in America

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social action is take a responsibility of socity to help the social problems

The different social problems include crime, taking alcohol, fighting, use of abusive language and many more. Social problems refer to things that a particular community views as unacceptable.

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