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It depends on the setpoint of the thermostat.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 21:12:33
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Q: What is the normal temperature on the gauge in a 1999 grand Cherokee while driving?
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What is the normal temperature gauge reading on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

175 to 225 deg F

What could cause oil pressure gauge on a 2004 Grand Jeep Cherokee to fluctuate?

It goes up while driving and down when you're idle....that's normal

What is the normal temperature on a gauge 2004 trail blazer?

It will usually run with a gauge temperature of around 200-210 degrees.

What is the normal temperature gauge reading for a 1999 Cadillac Catera?

The 1999 Cadillac normal coolant temperature gauge reading should be 180 degrees. A 195 degrees thermostat could be used, causing the temperature gauge to read 195.

What is normal gauge reading for thermostat in1994 grang cherokee jeep?

should be 195 to 210 normal operating temp

What 3 gauges should be checked often while driving?

Speedometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge.

Where should the temperature dash gauge needle be during normal driving on your 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

mine stays just a quarter inch below midway all the time at normal temp

Engine temperature gauge reads high then normal?

i just put in a new radiator and now temperature gauge reads high but their are no leaks

On a 93 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo if the temperature gauge is not working what could it be besides the gauge?

If the temperature gauge is not working, one thing it could be besides the gauge itself is a blown fuse. Another possibility is a loose or broken wire on the gauge.Ê

Why is car temperature gauge reading cold whilst you are driving?

at the beginning it will be cold, but it will warm up as you start driving

Where is the outside temperature gauge on a car?

Usually the gauge in on the dashboard with all the other gauges. That way you can read it while driving.

We replace the temperature gauge in my Chevy blazer what should it read for it to not be over heating?

We replaced the temperature gauge in my 1991 Chevy blazer what is the normal operating temp?

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