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Puppy food has different nutrients than Adult food and is geared for the growth and maintenance of the puppy until it matures to Adulthood. puppy food has a higher fat content than adult food, as puppies are actively growing. Puppy food also has more protein than adult dog food. Answer: Puppy food has proteins and different kind of nutrients that puppies need to grow up into a healthy adult dog. The puppy dog food is specially designed for puppies. Adult dog food has nutrients that a full grown dog needs to keep on living a healthy life. Answer Puppy food is higher in calories.

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Q: What is the nutritional difference between puppy food and adult dog food?
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A puppy is a young dog, usually a dog is considered a puppy until around 1 year. A adult dog is a fully grown dog.

Difference between female puppy and male puppy?

A female puppy can have babbies (if not neutered), and a male puppy cannot...

What is the difference between a puppy and a dog?

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A kitten is a baby Cat and a puppy is a baby dog

Can an 8 week old pup eat adult food?

NO. Puppies have different nutritional needs from adults, which is why they make dog food according to life stages. example: puppy, adult, senior. If the puppy eats adult food it may cause problems like stunted growth or failure to thrive syndrome.

Can you be allergic to a puppy but not an adult dog?

you could be allergic to puppy or an adult dog

When toswitch to adult dog food from puppy food?

Whenever your puppy becomes an adult..

What are the nutritional needs of a five month old puppy?

If you buy a good name brand of puppy food it will get all the nutritional needs it needs if there`s a sign of your puppy not growing(keep a check on its weight) you will need to go to the vet.

Is a dog different to a puppy?

Dog is an adult and puppy is a child

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