What is the octane number?

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The octane number is a measure of performance of a fuel. It is measured relative to pure isooctane which is given an arbitrary value of 100. It is possible for fuels to have an octane number higher than 100.

The higher the octane number the more compression it takes for the fuel to detonate. Higher octane fuel is used usually in high performance vehicles where the engines have higher compression ratios.

If the octane number of a fuel isn't high enough it can lead to engine knocking this is where the fuel detonates before the fuel is at its maximum compressive state in the engine, this can cause damage and lower performance.

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Q: What is the octane number?
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Why n-heptane has zero octane number?

see link about octane number

Is octane use?

Octane has not special application excepting the so-called octane number.

How is octane used?

Octane has not special application excepting the so-called octane number.

What does the octane number of gasoline describe?

The octane number of gasoline describes the performance of gasoline. The octane number is also used to measure the performance of aviation fuel.

What is meant by octane no of gasoline?

what do u mean by octane number in gasoline?

What number octane is made for 75 Cadillac?

93 octane works best.

When you see an octane 95 RON what does the RON mean?

RON= research octane number

What does octane mean?

Octane rating is the resistance to burning. For example (not real number) a gas with an octane rating of 50 will burn at 100 degrees Fahrenheit whereas a gas with an octane rating of 100 will burn at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher the octane number the harder it is to burn.

What is an octane number?

Definition: Octane number is a value used to indicate the resistance of a motor fuel to knock. Octane numbers are based on a scale on which isooctane is 100 (minimal knock) and heptane is 0 (bad knock).Also Known As: Octane RatingExamples: A gasoline with an octane number of 92 has the same knock as a mixture of 92% isooctane and 8% heptane.

What is RON95?

Research Octane Number 95

What is the octane number of aviation fluid?

100 octane. This is why aviation fuel (avgas) is typically called 100LL, which stands for 100 octane, low lead.

What is the measure of the antiknock properties in a fuel?

octane number

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