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Edward Golenberg of the University of California extracted a fragment of DNA from chloroplasts of a fossil Magnolia leaf. They excavated the fossil from the clay beds of a Miocene lake (17 to 20 million years old) in Clarkia, Idaho

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Q: What is the oldest DNA strand discovered and who discovered it?
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What did Francis Crick invent?

Francis Crick discovered the Double Helix, the DNA strand.

Who discovered DNA was a strand of molecules in a spiral form?

James Watson and Francis Crick.

What is the strand?

The template strand, if reffering to DNA, is the strand of the DNA that is copied to make more DNA.

Name of the DNA strand which is copied to make mRNA?

This is typically called the template DNA, which is the anti-sense strand of DNA. The strand that is not transcribed is called the sense strand.

What is the role of the DNA new strand?

It is a copy of the Dna original strand.

What would match the DNA strand TCCGAACGTC?


Given the following strand of dna what is the complementary strand actggctac?

The complementary DNA strand to ACTGGCTAC is TGACCGATG.

What is formed when reverse transcriptase is used on a strand of mRNA?

A strand of DNA

What is the complementary DNA strand template strand of atgccatgg?

The complementary DNA strand template of ATGCCATGG is the basic design structure. It determines how the DNA strand will be constructed and the process in which it is formed.

During DNA replications a complementary strand of DNA is made for each original DNA strand thus if a portion of the original strand is CCTAGCT then the new strand will be?


Is DNA a single strand of nucleotides?

No, DNA, from difference with the RNA, is a double strand of nucleotides. DNA, double strand (hence the double helix nickname). RNA, single strand.

What is the DNA strand that is synthesized continuously during DNA replication?

leading strand