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What is the oldest age a Labrador retriever can be bred?

It's not a good idea to breed labs who are older than age 5-6 or so.

What is the maximum age of a labrador retriever?

the oldest lab age would be 15 but normally its 13

What is the oldest retrieving breed of dog?

I would say the golden retriever is the oldest. Because the oldest one of the golden retriever breeds was a twenty two year old. which is one hundred and fifty four in human age!

What is the oldest age for a golden retriever to have puppies?

16 to 18 years of age is the oldest age

How old until a labrador retriever can mate?

Usually by age 1.

What age do labrador retriever puppies lose teeth?

4 to 5 months

What age does a labrador retriever start to menstruate?

A female Labrador can go into heat as earlier as 6 months of age. However, usually it is around the 8 month range.

Will an Labrador Retriever still be energetic at an old age?

It depends on the personality or health I'm sure...

What should a female Labrador Retriever weigh at 1 year of age?

probably around 55 lbs.

What is the maximum age to breed a black labrador dog?

for full potency it is best to breed no later than the age of 8 years.

What age con golden retriever?

the oldest one was 19.5 years old!!

When is a labrador retriever fully grown?

A full-blooded Labrador Retriever should reach his/her full bone growth by 18 months of age, although they may continue to add significant muscle mass until they are 3 years old.

What is the age recorded of the oldest living beagle breed of dog?

The oldest breed of a beagle would be 46 years old

At what age should a male Labrador Retriever Puppy be neutered?

The average age for any dog to be altered is 6 months--but can be done when the balls drop.

When should labrador retriever start to eat adult dog food?

when it gets to the age of 1 or weighs the same as an adult dog

How old was the oldest curly coated retriever?

some reach age 17 but most 9-14

What is the oldest age to breed a Missouri Fox trotter?

late teens

Is 12 years 9 months good life for labrador retriever?

Yes, almost 13 years is a very good age for any dog!

The oldest age of a black labador retriever?

I think around 17 years. Most don't live past 12.

What is the age of the oldest living miniature schnauzer breed of dog?

19, and he lives in NJ

When are labrador retrievers full grown?

A full-blooded Labrador Retriever should reach his/her full bone growth by about 18 months of age. However, they may continue to add significant muscle mass until they are 3 years old.

What should a Labrador Retriever weigh at 3-4 years of age?

A Labrador usually weighs 70-90 pounds. The females tend to gravitate towards the lower end of the spectrum. The males dogs gravitate towards the upper end.

What is the oldest age to breed?

um it is.................................40 no its not sorry its actually...........................12 that's the max or maybe 15 it but that's the oldest Ive seen :)

How old is the oldist dog?

The world's oldest ever dog was Bluey, a sheepdog from Australia, who died aged 29 the new oldest dog is lucky the golden retriever who died at the age of 30

What is the oldest age that a female cat can safely have kittens?

This varies by breed but with any breed the litters will start to get smaller as the cat becomes older.