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The origin of Christmas cookies is not known. Here is some information about Christmas cookies:

Did you know that sugar once sold for the equivalent of $100.00 a pound? And that flour was a far more essential kitchen item in households where people literally had to bake bread and biscuits everyday for basic sustenance?

I bring these up because they're important points in the fact that cookies, candies, and cakes are a traditional part of most every Western celebration. In times where we didn't have a mega-mart on every corner, these treats used "rare" and "expensive" ingredients like sugar, or essential ingredients like flour that weren't normally "wasted"; only on the most special occasions did you commit the cost of expensive or essential ingredients to such treats. So it is only natural that a holiday like Christmas would have cookies associated with it.

Why cookies, specifically? That's really unknown. Cookies are just a form of small cake, really, with the conveniece of being handheld and quick to bake. The German traditions that led to Christmas cookies included ''Lebkuchen'' and ''Spritz'' recipes that used less sugar and more spices like cinnimon, cloves, and nutmeg--cheaper and easier to get than sugar was--as well as raisins and other dried fruits.

I suspect it was the same tradition made those spices synonymous with Christmas; at least, I always associate cinnamon and nutmeg with the holidays!

In modern times, cookies are simply fun. For many families, cutting and decorating Christmas cookies is a tradition, as is leaving them out for Santa Claus (either to be nice, or to try and bribe a better gift for naughty children!).

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What was the origin of sugar cookies?

The origin of sugar cookies is on the discuss button. Switzerland

What kind of cookies do you make for Christmas?

peppermint twist, lemon cookies, gem cookies, orange cookies

How did Christmas cookies originate?

Christmas cookies came in Christmas is because in the modern times, cookies are simply fun. For many families, cutting and decorating Christmas cookies is a tradition, as is leaving them out for Santa Clause (either to be nice or to try and bribe a better gift for naughty children!).

What is the origin of Father Christmas?

Father Christmas married Mary Christmas and gave birth to Christmas

How do you bake Christmas cookies?

There are countless varieties of Christmas cookies, so you must be more specific in asking your question.

Why are cookies custom to Christmas?

I think because and I may be wrong I think cookies are acustum to Christmas because people think Santa clause eats the cookies

Why make cookies on Christmas?

making cookies/cakes etc on Christmas is special, because making biscuits is an ideal recipe/idea for Christmas celebrations.

What are the most popular types of Christmas cookies?

Ginger bread is the most popular types of Christmas cookies, You can read more about this at Gingerbread men cookies are one of the most popular during Christmas time. Sugar cookies and cookies with green and red sprinkles are always a favorite also.

What are some Christmas cookies recipes?

You have lots of choices to make delicious cookies for the holidays. One great website to try is���Christmas

What is the name of seasonal Christmas cookies at Kmart?

christmas cockies

Why is the gingerbread man connected to Christmas?

On Christmas santa gets cookies that children lay out for him and some make cookies made out of gingerbread and cut them into a shape of a man. Also, The Gingerbread Man is a popular story to read on Christmas cause it reminds me of making cookies for santa. And cookies are related to Christmas and gingerbread men are cookies are a popular treat for santa! Im done now

What is the basic recipe for christmas cookies?

An easy basic recipe for Christmas cookies are Angel Delights. These cookies require no baking and can be made by mixing dates, toasted cereal, and coconut.

Where does the Christmas cookies come from?


What are peoples favorite kind of cookies?

Favorite cookies are chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. This people's favorite is molasses cookies and the light, crisp cookies that are European in origin, especially Italian.

What are the essential items for a happy Christmas?

As for what makes a happy Christmas depends on the person but the stereotypical happy Christmas always involves many things. Family, food, gifts, cookies, egg nog, cookies, more cookies, dinner, friends, oh and we may have forgotten to mention cookies.

How do you make cute Christmas cookies?

Making Christmas cookies is a festive part of celebrating the holidays, especially when the kids can get involved. Fun, tasty, and decorative cookie ideas include gingerbread, sugar cookies, and peppermint Hershey Kisses cookies. Decorate the cookies with frosting, candy sprinkles, peanut butter cups, M & M's, or Hershey Kisses.

What is a good christmas cookies recipe?

Christmas Ornament Cookies and Christmas Tree Cookies from are sure to give you a great tasting and festive treat for all of your holiday functions. Both recipes are easy to prepare and produce fabulous results.

Why are cookies popular at Christmas?

Some kids leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

Why do children leave out cookies for Santa on Christmas?

they leave out cookies so that they get more presents!

Who makes the powdered almond cookies sold at Christmas?

Your mom makes the cookies slave

What is Santa's favorit cookie?

Santa likes all cookies, but in particular, he prefers gingerbread cookies and Christmas-themed cookies.

What do Amercians eat at Christmas?

christmas cookies, ham or turkey, and lots more!

What are some easy to make Christmas gifts?

Christmas cookies are always good.

Who eats the cookies on Christmas eve?


What is the populary food in Christmas time?


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