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the origin of swiss steak is Italy although it has a "swiss" in the name.

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Where did Swiss steak come from?

Swiss Steak mainly refers to a special method that is used for preparing meat by rolling or pounding. After rolling, the meat will be braised in the oven. The term Swiss Steak is mainly derived from Swissing which refers to the process of pounding different materials like fabric. Swiss Steak dishes contain tough meat cuts. You can use a tenderizing hammer in order to tenderize the meat or can use a tenderizing machine. Refer the link in sources for additional info on how to prepare a Swiss steak recipe. Hope this helps.

What is beef brassoli?

Not brassoli-------Braciole wrapped flank steak tastes like Swiss steak

Where can one get recipes for Swiss Steak?

There are many places to find a recipe on how to cook Swiss steak. Among some of the more popular choices include: BBC Food, All Recipes, Good Housekeeping and many more.

What is Xavier steak?

it is steak cooked however you prefer then you place asparagus over the top of the steak and place approx 4 slices of Swiss cheese on top of the asparagus and then brown cheese... voila! Xavier Steak! mmmmmmmmm

Is steak inorganic or organic?

organic, as it is of animal origin

Is Ben Roethlisberger Jewish?

His family is of Swiss origin, they are not Jewish.

What does the name Nicely mean?

Original name is "Nussli" - Swiss origin

Where does the name Geschwender origin?

Southern Germany, near the Swiss border..

Where did Swiss steak originate?

Swiss steak is a method of preparing meat, usually beef, by means of rolling or pounding, and then braising in a cooking pot of stewed tomatoes, either on a stove (cooker) or in an oven.The name does not refer to Switzerland, but instead to the process of "swissing", which refers to fabric or other materials being pounded or run through rollers in order to soften it. Swiss steak is typically made from relatively tough cuts of meat, such as the round, which have been pounded with a tenderizing hammer, or run through a set of bladed rollers to produce so-called "cube steak". The meat is typically coated with flour and seasonings and cooked in a gravy made from tomato and sometimes onions and peppers.The process of swissing meat is done to enable tougher and cheaper pieces of meat to be tenderized. Cube steak is the usual meat used in producing swiss steak by most home cooks. Cube steak has had the connective fibers that make the meat tough physically broken by the butcher and the braising process further breaks down the connective tissue in the meat. Swiss steak should be tender enough to be eaten without a knife.

Which country does the word chalet come from?

Answer 1Chalet is Swiss-French for a small wooden house. So the origin is the French-speaking Swiss areas.Answer 2It is French

What is the origin of the name 'Durrenberger'?

I believe it's Swiss, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~fams/durrenberger/

Nationality was James Bond's mother?

James Bond's mother, Monique Delacroix, is of Swissorigin.

What is the origin of the Orion constellation name?

hey guys i love CHICKEN AND STEAK lol from RARE PORK

How do you write steak in french?

Steak in French is still steak. Le steak = the steak un steak = a steak du steak = some steak

What country did the ethridge Amish come from?

The Amish that established a community in Ethridge, Tennessee, called the Swartzentruber, are Swiss in origin.

What is the Sandwich name starting from letter M?

meatball sandwich marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich mozzarella and tomato sandwich mushroom and Swiss steak sandwich misquite turkey and mayo sandwich marble rye, ham and Swiss cheese sandwich

What is the origin and or country of origin of the surname Helbling?

This surname Helbling is of Swiss German origin, mostly found in Switzerland. The name derived from Middle High German "helbling" meaning "halfpenny". For more information, see related links below.

Five popular foods from the sixties?

Port wine cheese Tang Meyer Lemon and Black Pepper Cookies Chicken Piccata Swiss Steak Hope this helps

What was Kobe Bryant named after?

he is named after a piece of steak he travelled with his dad to Spain and japan and the city of Kobe in japan was the origin of his name

What kind of kosher food is eaten at Jewish weddings?

Chicken, rise, potatos, steak, ribs, liver, trditional salads (depends on the origin of the family) well...everything, again depending on the origin of the families.

What county of origin did Einstein did most of his work?

Born in Germany, worked as a swiss patent clerk, where he published most of his famous works.

What type of cheese is used on an authentic Philly Cheese Steak sandwich?

Cheez Wiz can be used but depending on where you go it can have cheese such as Swiss and Provolone, also American Cheese.

What is the name of the Swiss anthem?

It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.

Where is the word "chevy" derived from?

Chevy is of Swiss origin and is a brand of automobile founded by Louis Chevorlet and William Durant. Chevy is headquarterd out of Detroit.

What is blade lifter meat?

The top blade or lifter steak is one that comes from the chuck section of the steer or heife.Other names:Flat Iron SteakBook SteakButler SteakLifter SteakPetit SteakTop Chuck SteakBoneless, Blade SteakChuck Eye Steak

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