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What is the origin of dogs?

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dogs started of as wolves and then split up into many different catogories

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What is the origin of the beagle?

They are English dogs.

Are hot dogs a part of Italian food?

No, hot dogs are Germanic in origin.

How do scientist use DNA to determine the origin of today's American dogs?

The scientists take the DNA to the lab to determine the origin of some of the modern American dogs.

What is the origin of idiomatic expression raining cats and dogs?


What is the origin of the phrase ring a bell?

Pavlov's experiment with his dogs.

What is the meaning of coll origin of the name of collie dogs?

The most accepted origin of the word is "Coll" - the Anglo-Saxon word for black.

What is the origin of the phrase foam at the mouth?

When dogs get angry foam come to their mouths

Are English mastiffs great guard dogs?

yes English mastiffs are great guard dogs, they breed of dogs came from Britain and they were used for protection dogs against intruders and that's how they get there origin and instincts to protect

From which country did mongrel come from?

Since Mongrels are not pedigree dogs, they don't have a specific country of origin.

What is the origin of the phrase the dogs that don't bark?

It comes from the Sherlock Holmes Story "Silver Blaze."

What is the origin of the proverb let sleeping dogs lie?

let sleeping dogs lie means let someone sleep someone can be anyone like your neighbour

What is the origin of the dogs bollocks?

English slang for something that is very special or first class, ie; "That sports car is the dogs bollocks" It simply means OUTSTANDING. Just look at most dogs to see how obvious this is!

Where did the term raining cats and dogs come from?

In the English language it means 'heavy rain' The origin is uncertain

Are dogs allowed in cebu pacific arlines?

Dogs are allowed on Cebu Pacific Airlines. They do have to get clearance in order to travel. Clearance procedures are done prior to the flight at the origin airport.

What type of dog is from Africa?

There are a lot of dogs from an African origin. A few are:AidiEgyptian ArmantAzawakhBasenji

What is the origin of the name pit bull?

That was the american name given to those dogs that were good fighting and didn't quit.

Why are there wild dogs?

There have always been wild dogs present in the wild. Wild dogs are the origin of domesticated dogs. Dogs were domesticated millions of years ago by people as hunting aids and companions and obviously not all wild dogs could be domesticated due to the number of wild dogs present on the earth in comparison to the number of people in those times, so some wild dogs remain, though the number of wolves are becoming minimal in comparison to domesticated dogs.

Why are Portuguese water dogs called Portuguese water dogs?

Their country of origin is Portugal and they were a valued fisherman's dog because they were capable of retrieving things from the sea and carrying messages between boats. (this info from: Smithsonian Handbooks DOGS by David Alderton)

What is the origin of the word dachshund?

Dachshund is German for badger In Germany-where they came from-they were badger hunting dogs so they were named dachsund. dachs-badger hund-dog so they are named badger dogs.

What types of dogs normally guard car salvage yards?

The breed of dogs that people use to protect and guard their salvage yards is a Doberman Pincher. The Doberman Pincher's country of origin is from Germany.

What is the origin of the word dogpile?

The origin of the word dog pile is thought to be from the term used for a pile of sleeping dogs. A dog pile is usually formed when a group of people usually piles on top of a single person.

Origin of word dog?

The origin remains mysterious, there is an Old English word Docga which seems to have been used for a powerful breed of dog. Continental words such as 'dogue' or 'dogge' are well known. There also Biblical mentions of semi wild dogs that wandered about eating dead bodies and offal in the streets. False apostles have been called dogs by St. Paul. Some servants were also referred to as 'dogs'

Is the Japanese chin from japan?

The true origin of the Chin remains a matter of controversy. It is widely agreed that these dogs originated in China. They are traditionally the dogs of Japanese nobility and royalty. They were took to Japan by a Chinese hunter.

Where did huskies get taken after Antarctica?

All working dogs removed from the Antarctic continent are taken back to their country of origin by the explorers who transported them there.

Do whites truly think blacks don't see their hostility?

NO, especially in dogs which is the category you have this question in. Actually, dogs don't judge each other at all by fur color, region, national origin, and stuff like that.