What is the origin of the birthday cake superstition?

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It appears to be related to the Greek goddess Artemis, whose birthday was celebrated with moon-shaped honey cakes topped with candles.

One possible reason is because the ancient Greeks used to take cakes (round to represent the full moon) to the temple of their goddess of the moon, Artemis. The Greeks are said to have placed candles on the cake to make it look as if it was glowing like the moon

Another explanation is the birthday cake started in Germany. Geburtstagorten was a type of cake that is said to have been used to celebrate birthdays.
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What is the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition?

The convergence of two superstitions between the number 13 and Friday seem to be at the heart of many questions concerning this particular superstition. So lets start with those. FRIDAY has been an inauspicious day for a very long time, and in many varied cultures. It has been held to be bo ( Full Answer )

Where does the black cat superstition originate?

The bottom of all this to my opinion, is the colour black. It was the colour of the old European (Roman, Celtic German goddess of fertility Mother Earth, giving the later "black madonna's". Which was not exclusively European ( Compare ISIS!!) Black was regarded as the colour of the earth, the god ( Full Answer )

How do superstitions originate?

Ignorance of Phenomena . As science now can explain these phenomena, superstition decreases.. BTW, Ignorance is the mother of Superstitions, and Superstition is the mother of religions... Answer . Falsely assuming a cause and effect.. If you kick a goat on your way to school and get an F on ( Full Answer )

What are superstitions?

According to the Oxford dictionary a Superstition is "Excessivelycredulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural" andaccording to Merriam-Webster "belief or way of behaving that isbased on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck : a beliefthat certain events or things will bring good o ( Full Answer )

What is superstition?

SUPERSTITION . SUPERSTITION: . Superstition is any blind belief. What makes you blind is your need or greed. It makes you exploiter or exploited. It makes you arrogant or meek. It makes you fanatic ruler or follower. People usually associate blind beliefs with illiteracy and simplicity. But ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of breaking a mirror superstition?

enturies ago, people believed that a person's image in a mirror was. actually a reflection of the person's soul (much like the way Native. Americans felt that a photograph stole part of their soul and why they. resisted being photographed). Further, this is why vampires can't see. themselves in ( Full Answer )

What is a superstition?

Superstitions are things that people believe that bring good or bad luck. They are not true for some people but others believe in them strongly.

Origin of superstition?

To day we have access to all most every thing in hand since scientific tool is available. but the people in ancient days were fully dependent on nature and compelled to live on belief system. it originated superstitions.

What is the origin of spilling salt superstition?

Lots of superstitious people, when they spill salt, will take apinch of it in their right hand and throw it backwards over theirleft shoulder. Superstition has it that, at all times, a devil waits over yourleft shoulder, and also that spilling salt is bad luck (perhapsbecause it used to be rare and ( Full Answer )

Where did the black cat superstition originate?

\n. \nIf a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it. Keep cats away from babies because they "suck the breath" of the child. A cat onboard a ship is considered to bring luck. These Superstitions?\nHow is this an answer?

How do you find the origin of any superstition?

There are any number of sources for information on superstitions and their origins. I keep a Cassell's Dictionary of Superstitions, by my desk for quick reference, but have several other volumes for more in depth research.

Where did corn cakes get their origin?

The corn cake originated in New England, more than likely from theShawnee Indians. The common name for the food at the time wasJohnnycake.

Where did superstition originate?

Those things which we now know and call superstitions originated first as beliefs often connected to a religion and were handed down by word of mouth and people that lived during those times honestly and truly believed in the truth of them as much as we do with our own beliefs connected to our relig ( Full Answer )

In what country did cake icing originate?

the icing on the cake means when you have somthing good and top that with somehing better than you already have example:i have a dog and i beatiful cat top that

What is superstitous?

Superstitious is when a person is very spirtual or believing in paranormal or supernatural occurances. Superstition is when you attribute supernatural phenomena to natural occurances, or perform an irrational ritual to ward off bad things.

Where did German chocolate cake originate?

Information taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_chocolate_cake . . This cake is actually not a traditional German dessert. The original recipe was sent by a homemaker in Dallas in 1957 to a newspaper in Texas. It used Baker's German's Sweet Chocolate, which was created in 1852 by an En ( Full Answer )

Where did cake originate from?

They originated from Huungary and Russia. The scientist Leo Szliard might have been the father of cakes. There are many rumors about them starting in France but this is not true.

Where did cake originate?

Historically all societies have cooked and baked. No one place can be said to originate a method of any type of cooking. There may be individual recipes that are indigenous but that too is open to question.

Where did this superstition about bees originate?

If a bee enters your home, it's a sign that you will soon have a visitor. If you kill the bee, you will have bad luck, or the visitor will be unpleasant. A swarm of bees settling on a roof is an omen that the house will burn down. This Superstition?

Where did coffee cake originate?

Coffee cake (also sometimes known as Kuchen or Gugelhupf) was not invented. It evolved...from ancient honey cakes to simple French galettes to medieval fruitcakes to sweet yeast rolls to Danish , cakes made with coffee to mass-produced pre-packaged treats.. Food historians generally agree the co ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the idiom 'the icing on the cake'?

Icing on the cake would seem to be a uniquely English aphorism. The etymology of "icing on the cake" is probably as simple as it appears: something sweeter on top of something already sweet. For example, "I got the promotion, they raised my salary and they gave me a corner office." The "cake" in ( Full Answer )

Where does the howling dog superstition originate?

a friend told me it was good luckk to see a dog walk on its hind legs,, but i not sure whether it is or isn't Some people believe that a howling dog is a sign of death. This superstition has some truth in it. Dogs, with their good sense of smell, can often tell when an animal or man has di ( Full Answer )

What are the Origins of the birthday cake?

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Why do you have superstitions?

Well, the superstition is a bad luck. If you start your trip on friday you meet misfortune. . Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day . A rabbit's foot brings good luck . An apple a day keeps the doctor away . To find a four-leaf clover is to find good luck . If you walk under a ladder, you wil ( Full Answer )

Why do you eat birthday cake on your birthday?

The birthday cake has come to be a symbol of the celebration of a birthday. This is for another new year in the person's life, and the cake is sort of like a good-luck thing. That's why the birthday boy / girl blows out the candles and makes a wish, and why they are supposed to cut the first slice ( ( Full Answer )

What was the origin of pound cake?

Pound cake originated in England. The reason for the name was because it was a cake made form simple and common ingredietns (so all people, even the lower classes, could afford to make it at times) were all in a pound. For example, there was a pound of flour, a pound of butter, a pound of sugar, a ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of making a wish when you cut your birthday cake?

In the U.S., and perhaps in Britain, one makes a wish immediately before blowing out the candles on one's own birthday cake. If one blows out all the candles with one breath, the wish supposedly will come true. The wish is connected with blowing out the candles, not with cutting the cake.

What is the origin of salt over shoulder superstition?

It is believed the "devil" stands over the left shoulder of a person. As salt was once considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, spilling it is thought of as wasteful and a means to tempt the "devil" into taking it from you. Throwing salt over your left shoulder is supposed to "blind the devil" ( Full Answer )

What was the origin of cakes baked?

It is not possible to say what the origin of baked cakes might be, since many civilizations have been baking all sorts of cakes since the earliest days of pre-history.

Why are cakes used for wedding cakes and birthday cakes?

Until recently, the necessary sugar, eggs and other ingredients required to bake a cake were fairly expensive and regarded as luxuries by most people. Cakes also required time and effort which working people could not easily spare. Some cakes require extensive beating that was very difficult and tim ( Full Answer )

Where is the cake of your birthday?

my b-day cake is at Buddy's bakery. YES i know what you arethinking the guy from Cake Boss. No buddy's bakery is in my hometown. There cakes are so moist. i love Cake Boss . try these sites . 877-803-2211 . cakes3 dot com . 877-803-2211 . 877-803-2211 .   . 877-803-2211

Where did cake decorating originate from?

Cake decorating can be traced back to the mid-17th century. This is around the same time, probably not coincidentally, that cake pans made their first appearance in domestic kitchens across Northeastern Europe. Beginning in the mid-17th century, cake decorating gained widespread popularity as a way ( Full Answer )

What is the superstition of the Black Cat's origin?

it is said that on friday the 13th, if you see a black cat crossing the street, you will have bad luck. but some people belive thats real and others say it's superstition just like friday the 13th!

Where did the concept of birthday cakes originate from?

The concept of birthday cakes date back to ancient roman times, but then only brought out for special birthdays and weddings. In the 15th century German bakers came up with the concept of an annual bithday cake in addition to the usual wedding cake.

Where did the superstitions about black cats originate?

Where this superstition originates is still under debate, but a popular belief is that it originated when Pope Gregory IX in the 13th century stated that cats are the evil assistants of the devil. This lead to cats being killed and burned, and to the association between witches and cats as well. A s ( Full Answer )

Where did yule log cake originate?

The traditional yule log cake that we know of today originated in France. You can find a recipe for yule log cake on websites such as Allrecipes and Taste of Home.

What are the origins of the magpie superstitions?

According to my sources (Cassell's Dictionary of Superstitions andother books), the magpie superstition is said to stem from storiesof the Great Flood in the bible. The magpie was believed to have refused to enter Noah's Ark, or wassaid by some to have refused to wear full mourning at the death ofCh ( Full Answer )

Where did the superstition beginners luck originate from?

The expression "beginner's luck" has nothing to do with any known superstition. It is a term or turn of phrase that explains how a relative newcomer to any game of skill of chance can at first try beat of out do people of experience and skill. Most often it is said with a certain amount of dis ( Full Answer )