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What is the origin of the word good bye?


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Comes from "God be with (ye)you"

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It is from "God be with ye" - "ye" meaning "you".

The translation for the English word good bye into the Igbo language is ezi nọọ.

Egyptian word for good bye and Mayan word for hi,good bye and hello. it can also be " gule gule. mick mock taco"

it is like saying "good bye". origin from the french "a toute a l'heure" or "see you later" in french.

"Bye" is short for good-bye, which means farewell.

Egyptian word for good bye and Mayan word for hi,good bye and hello. it can also be " gule gule. mick mock taco"

Depends which country in Asia.

"Adiós" means "good-bye" in Spanish. The word "ciao" is also used.

The Slavic word for good-bye is zbohom. The word good-bye is said as addio in Italian and as adios in the Spanish language.

O.K., well, I'll see you later. Bye!Good bye:)She wanted to know him well enough to say 'hi' and 'bye', but at this point she had to limit herself to saying 'Good morning, Your Highness' and 'Have a good afternoon, Your Highness'.I think the joke was that the sentence is most often 1 word that involves the use of the word Bye.

'Aloha!' is used in Hawaii for hello and goodbye!

The words are found in British Dictionaries. Meaning 'Good Bye', and are of uncertain origin. They have been in use since the 1840's

In North Anerica, wishing someone well is simply a polite gesture when parting ways. The word "bye" is used to express farewell. Most people add the word "good" to the word "bye" forming the new word good-bye when parting from a friend or a stranger. How many times have you used the term "good-bye"? My point is that "I wish you well" is really not so different than using "good-bye".

Good-bye is more formal than bye-bye. Bye-bye, now.

adieu, adios, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, bye, bye-bye, cheerio, good-by, goodby, good-bye, goodbye, good day, sayonara, so long farewell, word of farewell

You say "Good bye" in Yoruba language of the Western African origin as "Od'abo".

My understanding is "good bye" comes from "God be wi' ye" (God be with you)

One assumes you mean "bye bye" which is merely a repitition. "Bye" is a contraction of "God be with thee".

bye bye and good bye are the same thing except that you are putting good in front of it Good bye is more formal, used with those people with whom you may not be familiar - it is more polite. Bye Bye is fine for friends, neighbours and relations, in other words, an informal good bye

"good-bye," 1823, a word first recorded as infant's speech. Abbreviation T.T.F.N., "ta-ta for now," popularized 1941 by BBC radio program "ITMA," where it was the characteristic parting of the cockney cleaning woman character Mrs. Mopp, voiced by Dorothy Summers.

Yea it actually means good bye in French I believe, but it can mean good bye.

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