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What is the palm rest?

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There is no definition for the term palm rest. There is however, a restaurant that is named the Palm Restaurant in New York.

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Does a saddle have a hand rest or a palm rest?

Palm rest.

Which of these parts are found on a saddle The palm rest. The hand rest. The seat. The strap?

i think there is no palm rest. bty r u doing howrse?

Which of these parts are found on a saddle the hand rest the palm rest the seat or the strap?


Why is your palm lighter than the rest of our skin?

It is not as exposed to sunlight as the other or back part of the hand. Also, the skin of the palm is different from the skin of the rest of the hand. Just take a look.

Are palm rest steering wheel devices legal?

Good question. To the best of our knowledge, The Palm Rest device for driving is legal for use in all 50 states. As the manufacturer of The Palm Rest, we contacted the RMV and where necessary we spoke with state troopers in each state. No state expressed any legal concerns over the device at the present time.

What is palm guard?

a palm guard protects your laptop computer from grease and other things that could stain the spot where your palms rest when typing!

What are the benefits of the deep roots of the palm tree?

trees need air water and rest in a coner and keep it safe

What are the part of the mouse?

Long Wire, Left Mouse Button, Right Mouse Button, Track Ball and Palm Rest

Where did Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter buy a mansion in 1995?

Palm Beach? Good luck with the rest of the Listener crossword :)

What is the best keyboard for hand comfort?

The previously mentioned, The Logitech Desktop Wave Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, has a cushioned palm rest on the end of the Keyboard. The mouse is shaped to fit the palm and has soft rubber sides.

What is the name of the Swiss anthem?

It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.It is called The Swiss Palm.

How do you sign all in sign language?

Hands are placed palm to palm with the right hand with thumb down, left hand thumb up. The right hand circles around the left coming to rest in the original position only with the back of the right hand ending up facing the palm of the left hand.

What palm is used in the Palm Sunday?

Palm leaves are used on palm sunday.

What are the two meaning of palm?

"Palm" can either be A) A palm as in palm tree. Also, the products of a palm tree-- palm sugar, etc. B) A palm as in the palm of your hand; the place between where your wrist ends and your fingers begin.

Palm Sunday how was it celebrated?

On palm Sundays palm crosses and palm branches are given to the people.

What food contains palm oil?

Palm Oil Sandwich Palm Oil Pie Palm Oil Pasty Palm Oil Casserole

What is hearts of palm?

hearts of palm is the centre of a palm tree

Hearts of palm?

Hearts of palm comes from a palm tree.

Is palm oil the same as palm kernel oil?

Not really. Palm kernel oil is oil made from palm kernel; palm oil refers to oil made from palm flesh.

What is palm oil cake?

Palm oil cake is the one which we get after the removal of Palm oil from the palm fruit

What is the difference between oil palm and palm oil?

Oil Palm is a tree and palm oil is an oil made out of oil palm. Hope that helps

What is the homograph for palm?


Where do palm leaves come from?

Palm leaves come from palm trees.

How do you make palm thatching?

Palm Thatching is made of whole palm leaf or woven by strips palm leaf. There are Vietnam Palm thatching, and Mexican palm thatching on market. Vietnam Palm Thatching,Palm Thatching is a higher quality than others because it's palm leaf is water resistant and less likely to mold.

How do you get palm oil?

Oil palm cultivation and milling to get Crude Palm Oil (CPO). Refine CPO to get RBD Palm Oil (RBDPO). Fractionate RBDPO to get RBD Palm Olein & RBD Palm Stearin.