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There is no such part number because there is no such thing as a 1993 Dodge Neon. The Dodge Neon was introduced in the 1995 model year.

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Q: What is the part number or a source for a replacement 1993 Dodge Neon alternator connector?
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True or false the line in connector is a socket used to attach an audio source?

True. The line in the connector is a socket used to attach an audio source. The headphone connector is a socket that is used to attach an audio output device.

How do you change the alternator fuse on a 2010 Toyota Tundra?

There isn't an alternator fuse. The alternator is the power source - it's not fed from another power source. That wire which goes to the positive terminal of the battery is there to transfer electrical power to the battery, not from it.

What is a battery's energy source?

The alternator charges the battery.

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What provides electricity in a circuit?

The electricity source in a circuit is generally provided by a power source which can either be a battery or an alternator.

What is the source of energy in the electrical circuit?

battery, generator, alternator, etc.

Chevy alternator wiring?

Chevy alternator wiring runs from the alternator to the battery and provides a constant source of power when the engine is running. The wiring for each model is routed slightly different but largely functions the same.

Is The ignition your vehicle's primary source of electrical power?

no your alternator and your cars battery is

Does alternator need to charge after replacing it?

No, the alternator is the charging device which runs off a belted pulley attached to the motor. The alternator charges the battery which is the source of the current required to get the engine turning over and in turn starting the engine.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Toyota Celica st?

disconnect the battery source first, disconnect the wiring on the alternator, then loosen the bolts on the mounts to loosen the belt. then loosen and remove the bolts. remove the alternator, and replace with new one.

Where can one order a replacement lipo battery?

Contact the manufacturer of the device that needs a replacement battery. They will either be able supply a replacement or give you a list of stockists for you to source one.

Why does my car start after jump starting but then dies?

Probably the alternator is bad. Once the jumper cables are removed, there is no source for ignition if the alternator is bad. Have it tested and replaced if necessary.

Why DC suuply used in Excitation of Alternator?

for torque improvement in armature and create n-pole or s-pole in armature a dc source is used in alternator armature.

The line in connector is a socket used to attach an audio source?

Yes, the line in connector can be used for audio sources such as tape players, microphones, etc depending on the sound card.

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i am also looking for a replacement lid for the corningware 3.5 quart casserole slow cooker model # sc-40pl. Haven't been able to locate a source from which to purchase one. Contacted corningware 1st, apparently it is a discontinued item. : (

How do you wire an alternator for a 1985 Chevy Camaro?

This alternator has only a main wire and a 2 wire plug. The bolt on terminal goes to the positive on the battery. The connector has 2 wires a small and a big. The big wire should be red can also go to a 12v source, the easy way is to attach it to the bolt on terminal, and the last wire known as the field wire, most of the time white or green in color must go to an ignition power. Only power when the key is on, this is very important, if you hook it up to battery power the alternator will stay activated and put a draw on your battery, You'll go out in the morning and the battery will be dead.

What is a sata power connector?

A SATA power connector is what connects the SATA device to the PSU (power supply unit), therefore giving it a source of power. There is another cable that connects to the motherboard but that is just for data transfer.

What happened when you decrese the voltage regulation of alternaTOR?

If you were to be able to decrease the amount of regulation in an alternator, the voltage outputs would become unstable and probably ruin the battery or any devices that run directly from the alternator source. I am not saying that it will happen but it certainly would effect the systems in some way.

What will happen if you put in the wrong alternator in your car?

In general you can't do that they have different hook ups and that sort of thing, also the mounting holes and brackets are different from car to car. IF you manage to install the incorrect alternator, you are gambling with destroying your entire electrical system including the on-board computer. VERY expensive mistake. If you buy a replacement from a reputable source (auto parts store) they usually make certain you are getting the correct part. Its also possible to put in an incorrect alternator, though unlikely, that fits the mounting and the electrical connections, but has a different power rating. This means that it will work, but it might not meet the energy demands of your car.

Which auto stores sell replacement headlights?

Depending on the vehicle you can find replacement headlights at Canadian Tire or Part Source. If they do not have your specific headlight they can always special order it in.

Do car generator reqire a power source to work properly?

The typical automotive alternator requires power to function.

What is the source of power that runs most automobiles?

Battery, alternator would run your electrical. Fuel runs the engine