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The penalty for forging a motor vehicle title depends on the value of the vehicle. The last man that I know about only got 2 years.


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Different states have different laws. Forging or altering a certificate of title of a mobile home or a motor vehicle, is an example of a level 3 felony in the state of Florida.

File for an abandoned title with the Motor Vehicle

The title for a motor vehicle is issued by the state, not by the vehicle manufacturer. Talk to your state department of motor vehicles.

As of 2013, the best way to determine if the department of motor vehicles has issued a salvage title for a vehicle is on the title it will state that it is a salvage title. A salvage title is a note that states that the vehicle has been damaged or deemed a total loss.

Get a hold of the motor vehicle department in your state and explain the problem, they will get you a new title.

you will need to get a request for motor vehicle information

Contact the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) and do a title search. You will need the vehicle VIN and there will be a fee.

You can do a title search at the Department of Motor Vehicles .

It depends on the Motor Vehicle laws of the State the vehicle is in. In New York, you cannot register a vehicle unless the Title is presented at the time of registration. The Bill of Sale is worthless without a vehicle title

call the department of motor vehicle and they will tell you what to do.

Take the title (with the necessary fees and forms) down to the motor vehicle office and ask them to remove your name from the title.

Then you must have it inspected by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and let them give you a title. IF the car is stolen then you are going to be in a lot of trouble.

Go to the state Motor Vehicle office, where you would normally register a vehicle. There may be extra steps to take to get title for a salvaged vehicle. Don't buy cars without getting a title. EVER. If the car was stolen you may have to return it.

you cannot do such a thing. <><><> You will need to contact the motor vehicle dept in YOUR state, and apply for a title to the vehicle- and THEN see about registering the car.

Call the Dept. of Motor Vehicles in your state. They handle it, they will tell you how.

If you know the vehicle's VIN, you can search the NDDOT Motor Vehicle Online Title Status Search web page.Or you can fill out and send in a Request for Vehicle Information Form SFN 51269, available from the North Dakota Department of Trasnportation (NDDOT), Motor Vehicle Division.

If you need a replacement for a lost title you must contact you state Motor Vehicle department and pay a lost title replacement fee.

The Texas sales tax for motor vehicle is 6.25% of cost and title + license is about $230

You can't. You nee to contact your state department of motor vehicles to ask how you can replace a lost certificate of title.

You must have the tittle, or release of the title, proof of insurance, proof of current inspection of vehicle.

Refer to Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 1345 Title 13 Commercial Transactions / Non-conforming New Motor Vehicle law.

A bonded title is needed when some document required for ownership of a motor vehicle is missing and the previous owners cannot be located. The bonded title, sometimes called a Certificate of Title Surety, will verify a personâ??s ownership of the vehicle in some jurisdictions.

It depends on what the title is to. If it's a vehicle, the motor vehicle department, which records title information for vehicles licensed in the state, will have that information on file. A phone call should allow you to discover if the car or truck has a "clear title" or has had a lien placed on it.

A motor vehicle TITLE is good forever, for as long as you own the vehicle. On the other hand the vehicle REGISTRATIONexpires every year. Check the expiration date on your license plate - or the expiration date contained on the registration slip.

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