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What is the percentage of the 3 major religions in North Korea?

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There are actually six major religions in North Korea. The percentages of the 23,301,725 population that believe in the following religions are:

71.2% Atheist

12.9% Cheondoism

12.3% North Korean Shamanism

2.1% Christianity

1.5% Buddhist

0.0001% minghiusm

I'm not a mathematician so I couldn't narrow it down to the top three. But Hinduism is not a major or even minority religion in North Korea.

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Seoul is not a major city in North Korea, it is in South Korea. An important major city in North Korea would be Pyongyang.

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There are 26 mountains that are located in North Korea. A few of the major mountains are the Ahobiryong mountains, Ogasan Nature Reserve, and Hyongjesan.

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